Finest Delivery Volume 1
Special Delivery Music
June 26, 2006

Track list
  1. Capleton - Dem Doom
  2. Buju Banton & Queen Omega - Perfect Comb
  3. Sizzla - Good Over Evil
  4. Gentleman & Tamika - Rainy Days
  5. Jah Mason & Lukie D - Burnin' Love
  6. Tony Curtis - Child Of The Ghetto
  7. Queen Omega - Destiny
  8. Natty King - For My People
  9. Turbulence - Don't Worry
  10. Lukie D - A Special Day
  11. Tony Rebel - Not Necessary
  12. Ras Shiloh - Crying For Freedom
  13. Lyricson - Storm Is Coming Our Way
  14. Mykal Rose - Never Take It For Granted
  15. Alpheus - Because Of You
  16. Queen Omega - Can't Stop
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2
The compilation set "Finest Delivery Volume 1" contains a very fine selection of the production works from Paris, France, based reggae production outfit Special Delivery Music, most of them previously released on 7" singles. Featured are big names such as Capleton, Sizzla, Turbulence, Tony Rebel and Mykal Rose as well as upcoming talents like Alpheus and Lyricson. All productions gathered on this disc are in the roots and one-drop styles currently dominating the reggae scene, especially internationally. Capleton kicks off in great style with the wicked "Dem Doom", delivered across the powerful "Judgement Time" riddim. Further cuts for the riddim are the outstanding "Crying For Freedom" by Ras Shiloh and the decent combination tune "Burnin' Love" by Lukie D & Jah Mason. The wonderful "Clean Vibes" riddim, with a nice saxophone melody and guitars flowing through it, is present with two cuts namely the excellent Turbulence piece, "Don't Worry", and Mykal Rose's matching tune "Never Take It For Granted". Also included is the "Dis Ya Time" riddim -- a decent remake of the Itals' signature tune "Ina Dis Ya Time" featuring an appealing organ melody and saxophone -- with cuts from Sizzla ("Good Over Evil") and Natty King (the brilliant "For My People"). Another excellent riddim is the live played rootical backdrop "Storm Alarm", which is represented by Gentleman's do-over of his own "Rainy Days", here in combination with Tamika, and Tony Rebel's "Not Necessary". Tony Curtis shines on the "Joyfull" -- a riddim with a sophisticated sound and a strong Lovers vibe -- with the excellent "Child Of The Ghetto", whilst both Lukie D and Alpheus make a good impression with respectively "A Special Day" and "Because Of You". Rasta empress Queen Omega, who recorded a worthwhile album ("Destiny") for Special Delivery Music producers/musicians Bost & Bim, is well presented with two solo cuts -- the rootsy "Destiny" and the mediocre "Can't Stop" -- and a great combination tune with Buju Banton entitled "Perfect Combination" on a refurnished version of the Heptones' "We Are In The Mood" a.k.a. Rock With Me" riddim. "Finest Delivery Volume 1" is an entertaining and enjoyable collection of tunes, so check it out!