Fingerprint Riddim
Joe Frasier Records
February 7, 2006

Track list
  1. Don't Bother Me - Lloyd Brown
  2. Walk With Me - Ed Robinson
  3. Paradise Jamdown - Kashief Lindo
  4. Stranger In Love - Frankie Paul
  5. Losing Me - Mikey Spice
  6. Goodbye - Fiona
  7. For You - Hopeton Lindo
  8. Country Living - Jackie Robinson
  9. For Life - Roger Robin
  10. My Destiny - Lloyd Brown
  11. Jackie Medley - Tinga Stewart
  12. Never Can Say Goodbye - Ruddy Thomas
  13. Wife - Honorebel
  14. Step Inside - Ansel Meditation
  15. Blaze The Fire - Anthony B
  16. Over Me - Yellowman - (original)
  17. Don't Bother Me - The Terrors - (original)
  18. Fingerprint Riddim
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Producer Lloyd Campbell with Michelle Campbell and Jason Sterling often shows on his Joe Frasier label that he is a singers-producer, who is able to provide great riddims that suit the sweeter voiced singers, like Sanchez for "Frenzy" and several other tracks on his "No More Heartaches"-album, Lloyd Brown on his album "Dreams To Remember" and Fiona on her "Forever", "Fiona's Moment" and "Wanna Make Love". This time he, unlike for VP's Riddim Driven "Engine 54 / Humanity", and his "Peanut Vendor meets Bongo Nyah" set, doesn't couple two riddims, but dedicates the whole album to the 'Fingerprint'-riddim, in fact his own 1978 production of the Brissett brothers as the Terrors of "Don't Bother Me". And it's done perfect, with Lloyd Brown redoing the original "Don't Bother Me" to kick off this album, followed by Ed Robinson's "Walk With Me" and Kashief Lindo's living ain't easy inna "Paradise Jamdown", before Frankie Paul delivers a great version of John Holt's "Stranger In Love". Mikey Spice's "Losing Me", Fiona's "Goodbye" and Hopeton Lindo's "For You" continue to keep the lovers rock vibes flowing. "Country Living" is another reggae take on the Thom Bell and lyricist Linda Creed penned Stylistics tune that has become a second life in reggae, this time by Jackie Robinson. One of reggae's most underrated singers ever, UK singer Roger Robin, who started at Saxon Sound singing aloud Maxi Priest - and it's still almost impossible to tell which of these two great singers has voiced a tune if you don't know it - delivers the excellent "For Life" before Lloyd Brown contributes his second take on the riddim, the very fine "My Destiny". Veteran dancehall singer Tinga Stewart may not be the most prolific artist any longer, but he's still in fine form, delivering snippets of great Wilfred 'Jackie' Edwards songs, songs mama used to sing, grandma used to dance on in his "Jackie Medley". Former Dynamic Studios engineer and UK-Reggae Charts topping Ruddy Thomas always has had a good ear for great soul songs, and this time he delivers a superb take on the Clifton Davies that was sung to great success by both Isaac Hayes and the Jackson Five "Never Can Say Goodbye". Deejay Honorebel delivers the very entertaining oh my commanding "Wife" she want fi destroy my life in true old school fashion before it's back to lovers mood again with Ansel Cridland a.k.a. Ansel Meditation, (former) leadsinger of the Meditations, making clear that his voice has't lost anything of its magic with "Step Inside". Anthony B's "Blaze The Fire" is the fine last new voicing over the riddim, but not the last vocal included on this album as Lloyd Campbell had the brilliant idea to include both Yellowman's anthem on the riddim he produced in 1981 "Mad Over Me" and the Terrors' original from 1978 "Don't Bother Me". An example that certainly deserves following, especially because after that the 'almost clean' version of the "Fingerprint Riddim" closes this must have one-riddim album.