Flexx (From T.O.K.) Presents D'Link
Xplosive Productions / Phantom Sound & Vision - Victor Entertainment
January 29, 2008

Track list
  1. I Like It - Ms. Thing feat. Flexx (from T.O.K.)
  2. Wining - T.O.K.
  3. Til It's Gone - Flexx (from T.O.K.)
  4. Advice - Beenie Man feat. Tami Chynn
  5. Baby Father - Flexx (from T.O.K.) feat. Alozade
  6. Roll Deep - Bay-C (from (T.O.K.)
  7. Wine And Stop - Mr. Vegas
  8. Bring It On - Surprize a.k.a. Wayne Wonder
  9. Girls Everyday - Monster Twinz
  10. Last Night - Ce'Cile
  11. Should I - Flexx (from T.O.K.)
  12. Never Satisfied - Alex (from T.O.K.)
  13. From Yuh See Dem - T.O.K.
  14. Stress Free - Lady Saw
  15. Fight Over Man - Ms. Thing
  16. Stay Away - Ice Cold
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
In the string of releases that came out earlier this year and didn't get the attention they deserved this "Flexx (From T.o.K.): Presents D'Link" Japan-only release with lots of T.O.K. tunes and other tunes compiled by Flexx a.k.a. XX (from T.O.K. certainly should be mentioned. A very fine collection of dancehall and 'typical T.O.K.' tunes that should have had a 'general' release this year as well in my opinion. Flexx himself kicks off the album alongside Ms. Thing with the great combination "I Like It" over a great Jr. Arrows produced riddim, followed by T.O.K. with the great Flexx produced "Wining" and Flexx' own "Til It's Gone" (co-produced with Music Factory's Mario 'Mad Scientist' Lawrence.

Beenie Man in combination with Tami Chynn delivers the smashing "Advice" from 2005 recorded for Flexx' Xplosive Productions over the 'Attack Dem'-riddim, before Flexx teams up with Alozade for "Your Baby Father" across the 'Bellevue', the riddim of Macka Diamond's "Hoola Hoop" produced in 2006 for Hands & Heart. T.O.K.'s Bay-C impresses with the great "Roll Deep" before Richard 'Shams' Browne's 2005 'Concubine'-riddim is the perfect backing for Mr. Vegas' "Wine And Stop" and Wayne Wonder moves aside for his DJ alter ego Surprize for the strong "Bring It On".

The pace is kept high for the Monster Twinz' "Girls Everyday" followed by Ce'Cile with the still great "Last Night" over the 'Dragon Fly'-riddim for Xplosive Productions from 2002 and Flexx showing what a great singer he is with "Should I" co-produced with Fams House's Floyd Barrett. The third T.O.K. member featured solo (Craigy T is the odd one out) here is Alex with the magnificent "Never Satisfied" over the 'Rose Apple'-riddim for Kevin 'Ice Berg' Blake, followed by the full T.O.K. crew bouncing through their "From Yuh See Them" for 'DJ Karim' Thompson's Stainless Records.

Lady Saw delivers an excellent hardcore self-boasting tune with "Stress Free" produced by Bay-C alongside Flexx and then Ms. Thing does the last also great representation for the ladies with her "Fight Over Man" over Stainless Records' 'Sour Diesel'-riddim before DJ Karim protégé Ice Cold closes the album with the strong "Stay Away". As long as wholeheartedly recommended extremely strong dancehall collection is only available in Japan, a good and safe route to obtain this record would be to buy it where I bought it, at one of the last surviving specialist Jamaican music recordshops in Europe - that also provides mailorder - Irie Records based in Münster. You should definitely try to track down this album and buy it.