French Reggae Revolution
Soulbeats Records
October 8, 2011

Track list
  1. Broussai - Avec Des Mots
  2. Massilia Sound System - Au Marché Du Soleil
  3. Dub Incorporation - Tout Ce Qu’ils Veulent
  4. Mo Kalamity - Autour De Toi
  5. Danakil - Marley
  6. Maxxo - Love In The Air
  7. Alam - Réveilles Toi
  8. The Banyans - Liars
  9. Jah Gaya - Quel Avenir
  10. Datune - Constatation
  11. Papa Style & Baldas - La Révolte
  12. Sinsemilia - Feu De Vie
  13. Sundyata - Anka Sana Yene
  14. The Rockin' Preachers - No Nuclear Power
  15. Funde - Accepter (Remix Inédit)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
France and reggae music go a long way back. The French reggae scene has always changed and evolved a lot and some of the finest European reggae labels are based in France. One of the them is Soulbeats Records. The creation of Soulbeats Records was born from the desire to encourage independents bands to spread their music. The label focuses its activity around the music they love: reggae, soul and funk. Though they are an international and mix label they stay close to their culture and artists. A label with a human dimension which don't just market an album but a real artistic work, values and a passion: music.

Their compilation set "French Reggae Revolution" enables all reggae fans "to discover or rediscover the biggest names and the greatest titles from a new generation who has known to show how reggae music was universal." From Danakil to Dub incorporation through Broussai, Sinsemilia, Maxxo, or Jah Gaia, the "French Reggae Revolution" compilation presents you some of the greatest hits of the recent past years. You'll find in "French Reggae Revolution" a fresh revival with some emergent groups such as Mo Kalamity, The Banyans or Alam.

The music on this 15 track set is almost totally sung in French. That makes it difficult to understand the lyrical content of the songs, if you're not familiar with the French language. Sundyata, The Banyans, Maxxo and The Rockin' Preachers perform their tunes in English. Maxxo's appealing lovers tune Love Is In The Air can also be found on his album 'For The Next Generation'. The Rockin' Preachers offer a vintage sound as they warn us about the dangers of nuclear power. The Banyans have been touring extensively for the last three years and here they deliver a nice roots tune called Liars. The opening tune, Broussai with Avec Des Mots is one hell of a tune.

Massilia Sound System out of Marseille is one of the veterans of the French reggae scene and their contribution to this album Au Marché Du Soleil is a thumping danceable tune. Dub Incorporation is a reggae band from Saint-Étienne and their effort -Tout Ce Qu’ils Veulent- is truly above average. Papa Style & Baldas is a French duo that entered the reggae scene in 2002. Their highly addictive sound is a mixture of ska/reggae with dancehall flavoured vocals. Check out their tune La Révolte. To be honest, we cannot point out serious weak efforts here, but here are some favourites: Anka Sana Yere performed by Sundyata, the band's name meaning 'Hungry Lion', the atmospheric tune Autour De Toi by Mo Kalamity and Marley by Danakil.

"French Reggae Revolution" provides a fine overview of the French reggae landscape.