Frontline Riddim<
Lion Sound Productions
February 10, 2008

Lutan Fyah, Jah-P - the Frontline Riddim Track list
  1. Khari Kill - Jah's World
  2. Lutan Fyah ft Jah-P - In The Street
  3. I Lusha - More Life For Rasta
  4. Arkangel - Pon Di Line
  5. Ras Attitude - Serious War
  6. The Lambsbread - Victory
  7. Prezident Brown - Rumours
  8. Soulmedic - Sound Weapon
  9. Jah-P - Frontline
  10. Simba Wa Yudah - Haujui
  11. Riah Right - Shackles
  12. Kast-A-Way - Tell Me
  13. Ras Gabriel - Psalm 93
  14. The Frontline Riddim - Version
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Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
Here's a nice one riddim album produced by Jean-Piere 'Jah-P' Marc Charles. Reading a lot of articles in the past few months, I've got the impression that CD's are extremely bad selling and 'one-riddim' albums are absolutely not selling. So why a 'one-riddim' album with a lot of new artists? And why a new riddim, not a relick of a well known riddim? A lot of questions and no answer in sight.

The riddim is produced and released by Lion Sound Productions based in San Antonio, Texas. The riddim sounds computerized and is kind of a mid tempo riddim. So no real hardcore bashment here, but also not a pure one drop riddim. The album starts with New York based newcomer Khari Kill, who delivers a pretty good kick off with Jah's World. The "big names" here are Lutan Fyah and Prezident Brown, both deliver good tunes. Lutan Fyah lets you know he's In The Street with gangster and police. He brings an uplifting message for the ghetto youths. No real outstanding tunes on the album, but personal favorites are Jah-P's title track Frontline who calls for an end to violence, Serious War by St.Croix singing sensation Ras Attitude, a tune on which he handles the mic with r'n'b skills and some lava chanting. Lets not forget Lambread's Victory, the victory of good over evil and Guyana soldier Arkangel with Pon Di Line. All tunes are above average quality, there is not a filler here and the plain riddim version is also included. Best - at least for me - no gun lyrics, no slackness and a lot of consciousness.

It depends on you, if 'one-riddim' albums are selling. With this album you get a new fresh sounding not overversioned riddim. The Riddim segment CD Series is becoming stronger and stronger (check the reviews for the other Riddim Segment CD's "New Day Riddim" and "Red Razor Riddim" here at Reggae Vibes). Lion Sound Productions have done a good job. Give them a chance.