House Of Riddim Präsentiert Für Alle
House Of Riddim Records / Hoanzl / Groove Attack
March 27, 2009

Track list
  1. An Alle - Tombo
  2. Politrix - Phenomden
  3. Immer Noch - D-Flame
  4. Regeln - Texta
  5. Mann Oh Mann - Thai Stylee
  6. Grosse Fresse - Dr. Ring Ding
  7. Ewigkeit - Cappuccino
  8. Krieger Der Sonne - Paco Mendoza
  9. Myspace - Nattyflo
  10. Nimm Mich Mit - Rebel One
  11. Vasinck Im Saund - Bounty Chiller
  12. Ich Freu Mich - Ganjaman
  13. Es Kommt Anders - Mono & Nikitaman
  14. Friedenslied - Mellow Mark & Volkanikmann
  15. Dance - Benji
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Sam Gilly & his House Of Riddim made some serious serious waves in the summer of 2004 with their excellent "Sam Gilly's House Of Riddim Presents" compilation and it's follow-up to that excellent set of tunes featuring a variety of vocalists at the end of 2005 "House Of Riddim ~ Chapter II" as well as various collaborations of which several were with fellow countrymen Bassrunner Productions and also laying Das Vibes Productions' 'Living Man'-riddim. The House Of Riddim returned as backing and production outfit for a next various artists album, their first one riddim album "Street Riddim", presenting tunes over a wicked one-drop in November 2007. And now Sam Gilly, Manfred Scheer, Herb Pirker and Parvez Syed present a House Of Riddim backed and produced German language various artists album "Für Alle".

Former Cheesevibes (which was formed together with his brother - beachvolleyball professional - Peter 'Biggatree' Gartmayr) member Tombo delivers his message to all "An Alle" over a horn driven laid back roots riddim, followed by the great "Politrix" by Swiss singjay Dennis Furrer a.k.a. Phenomden and D-Flame, who expresses still being in love with Jamaica in the smashing "Immer Noch" over a great upful riddim. "Regeln" is a great anti-establishment tune by Austria's former hip hop, now dancehall crew Texta of DJ Dan, Flip, Huckey, Laima & Skero and then Markus Pigler a.k.a. Thai Stylee a.k.a. 'Di 3rd Eye Sprayer' impresses heavily with his "Mann Oh Mann" that is even topped by the great wanna-be-bad-boys-diss "Grosse Fresse" in which Germany's Münsteraner dancehall don Dr. Ring Ding tells them to keep their big mouth shut.

In Germany Cappuccino is best known as member of Jazzkantine but he already has 4 solo albums under his belt and contributes the sweet lovers tune "Ewigkeit" here, before Paco Mendoza a.k.a. El Criminal - one half of Caramelo Criminal, the duo with his brother Don Caramelo with whom together he is also a member of Raggabund - delivers his beautiful "Krieger Der Sonne" and Nattyflo is absolutely phenomenal on "Myspace" that benefits of a brilliant riddim as much as of his story about being part of a movement in the real world. The to me unknown Rebel One contributes the average "Nimm Mich Mit" followed by Bounty Chiller of Austria's Kuhbus Soundsystem (together with Skarlatan) with his take on House Of Riddim's 'Conquerer'-riddim "Vasink Im Saund" and Ganjaman with his superb anti-Babylon statement "Ich Freu Mich".

Dancehall's German/Austrian powerpair Mono & Nikitaman over a very nice roots riddim that incorporates dancehall deliver the message to look beyond gals and ganja tunes to the massive in "Es Kommt Anders" followed by the cry for peace "Friedenslied" by Mellow Mark & German of Turkish decent Volkan Aykac a.k.a. Volkanikman a.k.a. Dr. Simpelyrix. The last tune on this excellent House Of Riddim backed and produced album comes courtesy of one of Germany's deepest voices, the underrated and underrecorded Benjie with the extremely catchy "Dance", an album that every roots reggae aficionado should hear even if he doesn't understand one single word of the German lyrics. A megamix of this "Für Alle" album can be heard here.