Gallis Forever
PayDay Music
Digital Release
December 18, 2010

Track list
  1. Sizzla - Big Up Mi Gyal Dem
  2. Mavado - Gyal Dem Love Mi Daily
  3. Bounty Killer - Real Gyallis
  4. Buju Banton - Jig
  5. Lutan Fyah - Good Eeeh
  6. Bugle - Mi Love Fi Si
  7. Aidonia - Want Inna Dem
  8. Iyara feat. Ishawna - A Me She Want
  9. Mavado - Nuh Beg Gyal Friend
  10. Bounty Killer - Gal Soldering
  11. Lutan Fyah - When Mi Shoob It
  12. Flexx - Real Gal Story
  13. Kibaki - Gyallis Forever
  14. Nymron - Run To Di Camera
  15. Norris Man feat. Iyara - Let Me Remind You
  16. Marlon Binns feat. Tenuke - Your Sexy
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Total votes : 4
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Just before 2010 comes to an end PayDay Music treats the avid dancehall fan to their digitally released compilation album "Gallis Forever", featuring 16 yardcore dancehall tracks from big names like e.g. Sizzla, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer and Mavado, to name four, alongside young budding talents like Kibaki, Iyara, and Marlon Binns.

Half of the tracks gathered here are cuts for the very infectious "Style Dem" Riddim, with Bounty Killer's "Real Gyallis", Mavado's "Nuh Beg Gyal Friend" and "Run To Di Camera" by newcomer Nymron being the highlights. Lutan Fyah, a rather unexpected name on a dancehall compilation, even delivers two solid cuts for the riddim, although compared to his cultural material his tunes lyrically don't make a very strong impression. On the other hand Good Eeeh and When Mi Shoob It show that he's also able to find his flow on a dancehall beat. The rest of the compilation is made up of the "Billboard" (Mavado's "Gyal Dem Love Mi Daily" and Aidonia's "Want Inna Dem"), the Garrison (Buju Banton's "Jig"), the "Not Out" (Flexx's "Real Gal Story"), and the "Victory" (Norris Man feat. Iyara's "Let Me Remind You") riddims plus a previously unreleased solid dancehall tune by Sizzla, "Big Up Mi Gyal Dem", along with Bugle's "Mi Love Fi Si" and Bounty Killer's decent "Gal Soldering".

This "Gallis Forever" sampler isn't packed with incredible dancehall tunes, but it's nonetheless enjoyable and entertaining.