CD / 2LP
March 28, 2006

Track list
  1. Badman Party 2 - Vybz Kartel
  2. Wine Up Pon Her - Leftside & Esco
  3. More Punanny - Dr. Evil
  4. Chicken Head - Idonia
  5. I Forgot Them - Wayne Marshall
  6. Breeder - T.O.K.
  7. Bed Noise - Lady Saw
  8. How Yuh Fi Dis - Beenie Man feat. Wayne Marshall
  9. Go Slow - Buju Banton
  10. Wine & Twist - Flava Unit
  11. Gone Up - Elephant Man
  12. Social Commentary - Dr. Evil
  13. Call Mi Phone - Future Troubles
  14. Haters - Calico feat. Leftside
  15. I'm A Gangster - New Kidz feat. Mitch
  16. Manco - Shane-O
  17. Nuh Know Bout Badness - Baby G
  18. Ring Yuh Mother - Bling Dawg
  19. Hustlin - Franz Capone
  20. Galore Rhythm - Leftside & Esco
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Greensleeves continue to release albums at an almost zealous pace in their Rhythm Album series, reaching #82 just a bit over 5 years after its first volume with the 'Galore'-riddim, with Matthew 'Esco' Thompson & Craig 'Leftside' Parkes, son of famous bass player Lloyd Parkes, showing their extreme talent as riddim builders and producers once more after last year's huge success with 'Throwback Giggy'-riddim. An extremely infectious uptempo riddim that immediately nests itself in your head is the result that gets voiced with an abundance of great tunes, like Vybz Kartel's "Bad Man Party 2" opening this album telling us

mek we drink, buy out the bar because we have got funds
and smoke marijuana till di docter seh mi hav black lungs
ay rude bwoy wi nah dat dumb so gangster pull out the shot gun
and willy bounce willy bounce
weed ina rizzla not fi di blunts

before Leftside & Esco themselves tell us if you see a hot girl just "Wine Up Pon Her" and then their alter ego - the Austin Powers creation - Dr. Evil delivers the great humorous very entertaining and very slack last night me get some punanny, right now me want "More Punanny". Idonia's "Chicken Head" incorporates the real sound of chickens, showing both his talent and being as fond of weird sounds as producers Leftside & Esco, followed by Wayne Marshall's "I Forgot Them", an answer tune to Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story" i remember those days with Wayne Marshall speaking out against those boys who can't be no friend no more, or is it the other way around? A great reality tune no matter which way... T.O.K. deliver the decent but unspectacular "Breeder" and Lady Saw deejays the humurous and extremely entertaining "Bed Noise" with its incorporated cracking and squeaking of the bed into the delivery of the riddim to emphasize what she wants her neighbours to complain about when she has found a 'real man'. Beenie Man and Wayne Marshall combine forces for the excellent gangster tune "How Yuh Fi Dis" real gangster and chat, Buju Banton is in fine form challenging the war on ganja and herbmen in "Go Slow", and so are Flava Unit contributing - the tune you'd expect from a little more US R&B influenced either Voicemail or T.O.K. - their flawless "Wine & Twist". Elephant Man tells the ladies they should raise the 'price of their pum pum' because everything "Gone Up", whereas Leftside & Esco's Dr. Evil alter ego takes the "Social Commentary" to serious levels with this very impressive dark lyrics over a darker sounding mix of the riddim. Future Troubles delivers the fine "Call Mi Phone" over an almost irritating mix of the riddim and then Craig 'Leftside' Parkes joins Calico for the well delivered "Haters", before the New Kidz return alongside (former) A.R.P.'s Mitch for the as well great "I'm A Gangster". Shane-O might not be the hottest property around like he was when "Lightning Flash" was topping the charts, but he is still a very fine DJ as he proves with "Manco". Trevor 'Baby G' James Jr. is riding the gangster theme as well, with a great intro followed by the okay "Nuh Know Bout Badness", whereas Bling Dawg's "Ring Yuh Mother" is a great tune and so is the last vocal tune on the riddim, Franz Capone's "Hustlin". This album, once more proving the genius of Craig 'Leftside' Parkes & Matthew 'Esco' Thompson as riddim builders, producers and artists as well is made complete by their clean version of this great "Galore Rhythm".