Gangsta Gangsta Riddim
Rockstar Records
August 21, 2007

Track list
  1. Nuh Bad Like Wi - Vybz Kartel
  2. Since Lately - Movado
  3. Mi Clap It - Aidonia
  4. Wanted - Munga
  5. Nuh Inna Dat - Elly Ess
  6. Turn It On - Sizzla
  7. Dis Thing - Flex
  8. Don't Play Me - Bling Dawg
  9. Bawlin' - Mr. Easy
  10. Futon - Badda Flexx
  11. Turn It Up - Marvelous
  12. Wine - Pennie Irie
  13. Gangsta Gangsta Version - Shane & Lester Hoosong
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Rock Star Entertainment's 'Gangsta Gangsta'-riddim has already been out for a couple of months, but still deserves to be reviewed in its year of release, as this is a monstrous hardcore dancehall riddim produced by Rock Star's own Supa Shane and Elly-Ess, who also produced their 'Onward'-riddim. The riddim and the tunes across it are all it's name promised, with Vybz Kartel" in true warmode telling us convincingly dem "Nuh Bad Like Wi", Gangsta For Life Mavado once more taking us into his dark world on "Since Lately" and former Alliance-member Idonai is also out to destroy with the threatening "Mi Clap It". Of course Gangsta Ras Munga Honourable is also present violently (and heavily auto-tuned) with "Wanted" showing a wicked flow completely on top of this riddim, followed by Rockstar's Elly-Ess having a stint at the mic also, with a delivery that reminds me of Soltex 3000 and Fire Links' but in sync with the other contributors to this set much more violent lyrics and Sizzla is trigger happy in "Turn It On", almost over the top, but not completely so at his best and Alliance' Flex delivers his "Dis Thing" impressively as well.

Bling Dawg has been more than returning to form lately and tops his earlier tunes this year with the magnificent "Don't Play Me", before Mr. Easy chips in with the most melodic contribution to this tune "Bawlin" and then Badda Flexx with the very strong deejayed slackness of "Futon", Marvelous with the fine party tune "Turn It Up" and Pennie Irie equally impressive with "Wine" deliver the last vocal tunes of this selection. Luckily, to prove the strength of this ultra hardcore dancehall riddim the clean "Gangsta Gangsta Version" is included as well, showing that Rock Star Entertainment's Shane and Lester a.k.a. Elly-Ess Hoosong are wicked newcomers in the world of hardcore gangsta themed dancehall, with this album wholeheartedly recommended for all aficionados of dark hardcore dancehall.