Gangsta Rock
Birchill Records
April 11, 2006

Track list
  1. Gangsta Rock - Elephant Man
  2. Serious Ting - Assassin
  3. Nicer Than Yard - Shaggy
  4. To Kill - Bounty Killer
  5. Get Crazy - Voicemail
  6. Fool - Bling Dawg
  7. Bun Rapist - CÚCile
  8. Gangsta's Want To Have Fun - RDX
  9. Innocent Blood - Idonia
  10. Hombre - Kiprich
  11. Dem Gal Deh - Macka Diamond
  12. Gangsta - T.O.K.
  13. Who A Dweet - Mr. Vegas
  14. Gangsta Game - Alozade & Chico
  15. Down Town Man - Danielle
  16. Hard Pan Me - Sanjay
  17. Man A Top A Top - Hawkeye
  18. Gangsta Rock Version - Birch
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Just before his 'Wild 2 Nite'-riddim for Big Yard was released in VP Records' Riddim Driven Series, Christopher 'Longman' Birch released on his own Birchill Music imprint this one-riddim album with his monster 'Gangsta Rock'. Elephant Man's over the top dance instructions for the "Gangsta Rock" are still mashing up radio-airwaves and dancehalls all over the world, and these dance instructions are followed by more serious themes in Assassin's impressive "Serious Ting" and Shaggy's superb
Nuh matta how much people leff Jamaica and a mek life a broad (Still caan "Nicer Than Yard"!)
Even through di violence and commotion just a mek life so hard (Still caan nicer than yard!)
Cause all when yuh mek it inna farin and a live like dem large (Still caan nicer than yard!)
Wid so much opportunity dem have put inna bizniz at all (Still caan nicer than yard!)

Bounty Killer is 100% Warlord in his how dem go test mi when mi born "To Kill" before Voicemail encourage to "Get Crazy" on the dancefloor doing the 'Gangsta Rock'. Bling Dawg is delivering the strong "how dis lickle "Fool" a disrespect so much" and CÚCile is contributing the extremely impressive "Bun Rapist" speaking out against the recent kidnapping, rape and murders of young women in Jamaican, despite or contrary because of its horrible theme a must have heard tune. RDX are once again impressive with the great combination of rough deejaying and smooth harmonies in "Gangsta's Want To Have Fun", yet Idonia's "Innocent Blood" is despite its good lyrics not one of his best tunes in my opinion, but Kiprich make's up for that with his catchy "Hombre" and so does Macka Diamond with her extremely harsh but very convincing delivered "Dem Gal Deh" coulda be wi / inna repeat. T.O.K. celebrates being a "Gangsta" in their immediately recognizable style, Mr. Vegas is in fine form on "Who A Dweet" and Alozade's reunion with Chico for "Gangsta Game" results in a very enjoyable tune. Newcomer Danielle deejays very convincingly on her debut, a tribute to "Down Town Man". Sanjay is entertaining with his "Hard Pan Me" and then Hawkeye's "Man A Top A Top" is the last, unfortunately less satisfying, vocal on this impressive and infectious Christopher Birch "Gangsta Rock Riddim" that is fortunately included in its clean version as well. A must have for all dancehall listeners, if you don't own the 7"s yet.