In The Garden Of Dub
Positive Vibes
Free Download
March 23, 2010

Track list
  1. Kibir La Amlak - Deliverance Prayer
  2. Kibir La Amlak - Hungry be Fed Dubwise
  3. Crucial Alphonso - Ayubu Steppers
  4. Crucial Alphonso - Ayubu Steppers Dub
  5. Jacin - Let The Music Play
  6. Jacin - Let The Dub Play
  7. Kris Naphtali - Jah Appointed Time
  8. Kris Naphtali - Jah Appointed Dub
  9. Mark Mostec - Interview
  10. Mark Mostec - Dub Interview)
  11. Roots Hi-Tek - Bulawayo Rock
  12. Roots Hi-Tek - Bulawayo Rockers
  13. Eastern Roots - Triumphant
  14. Eastern Roots - Triumphant Dub
  15. Brizion - Good Over Evil
  16. Brizion - Good Over Evil Dubwise
  17. King Earthquake - Give Them Teachings
  18. King Earthquake - Teachings in Dub
  19. Dub Invasion - Stryding
  20. Dub Invasion - Dub Stryding
  21. Massada - Eruption
  22. Massada - Eruption Dub (Lava Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In recent times we have seen a growing amount of free (legal) downloadable full length albums coming from various sources. Positive Vibes out of the U.S., founded by Kris Naphtali, is one out of many net label's that have the intention to share the good vibes with as many people as possible. These labels release full albums under a Creative Commons license, and so does Positive Vibes. The first release of the label, the compilation "In The Garden Of Dub", is a Free Release, however they are accepting donations from anyone who enjoys the album. Donations will go directly to the Word Sound Power Collective, a Rastafarian Elders support group that has run in America for many years.

"In The Garden Of Dub" is a real fine collection of tracks from around the world featuring well known names like e.g. Roots Hi-Tek, Brizion and King Earthquake alongside rising talents such as Belgium's Crucial Alphonso and Jacin from France. Kibir La Amlak, a Rastafari roots and culture sound system, studio, record label and event organiser from the U.K., deliver the slow-paced, meditative opening track "Deliverance Prayer". It's followed by one of the album's standout tracks, Crucial Alphonso's wicked "Ayubu Steppers", which comes with a real nice rolling bassline. Jacin's matching "Let The Music Play" is a solid melodica cut that brings to mind the late great Augustus Pablo. All in all a great way to start off an album.

However, there are more good quality tunes features on this album. Kris Naphtali's "Jah Appointed Time", another Pablo-esque tune, makes a serious impression and shows that the label's man has the skills and talent to produce some real good music. The experienced Roots Hi-Tek comes up with a more dark sounding effort. Most likely the hypnotic "Bulawayo Rock" has to grow on most listeners, but it's definitely one of the standouts. Also worth hearing is Brizion's "Good Over Evil", as is King Earthquake's awesome "Give Them Teachings". Finally there's Massada's "Eruption", rounding off this worthy collection of tunes in a fine minimalistic dub style.

"In The Garden Of Dub" is available for free download here.