Gather The Remnant
Conscious Riddims Records
August 2, 2008

Midnite Track list
Disc One:
  1. Truth Will Mek Man Free - Tuff Lion
  2. Capture The Moment - NiyoRah
  3. Blessing - Lutan Fyah
  4. Knowledge Increase - Midnite
  5. Pray - Natty King
  6. Oompakatan - King David
  7. Trod On - Iba
  8. Seek, Search And Find - Tru Love
  9. Royalness - Michael Rose
  10. Plant Di Herb - Xkaliba
  11. Sleeping - Iba
  12. Betta Tomorrow - Ishence
  13. Dry Ya I - Roots Gwaan
  14. Pledge No Allegiance To No Flag - Ikahba
  15. Forgivness - Jah Mason
  16. Bed Time Story - Kali (of Ooklah)
  17. Soverign And Haile - Biblical
Disc Two:
  1. Hot Cup Of Tea - Bobo Desert
  2. Conscious - Biblical
  3. Tropics - Midnite
  4. Driftin - Iba
  5. Hill And Valley - Luciano, Bobo Desert & King David
  6. No Time - Soul Medic
  7. Current Of Oppression - Ishence
  8. Days Of Wine And Roses - Sugar Minott
  9. Inna Di Islands - Sista Kat
  10. Fountain Of Truth - Ras Sparrow
  11. Hush - Xkaliba
  12. Be There - Roots Gwaan
  13. Remain Calm - Biblical
  14. Peaceful Days - Steve Tulloch
  15. I Wanna Love Ya - Jr.Pinchers
  16. Love - Iba
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Producer/bassist Andrew "Bassie" Campbell, earlier responsible for the release of his "Live & Direct: Instrumental & Dub" album and the compilation sets "Mr. Bass Man All Stars" and "Mr. Bass Man All Stars Vol. 2", returns with a dbl cd set featuring eight fresh original roots riddims voiced by artists coming from Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, South America and the USA, which once again expresses that Reggae music isn't restricted to Jamaica anymore.

The modern roots riddims -- eight altogether -- for "Gather The Remnant" were laid at the renown Tuff Gong Studios by prominent exponents of Kingston's downtown music scene, namely Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Andrew "Bassie" Campbell, Lloyd "Obeah" Denton, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson and Mikey "Boo" along with Ray Marshall Rochester, Phillip Porter, Anthony Thomas, Prince, Lascelles Beckford, Rudolph Bonito, and Romain Tinguely. Except for Lutan Fyah, Midnite, Michael Rose, Luciano, Sugar Minott, and Jah Mason, this collection mainly gathers artists that haven't reached a wide audience let alone a level of fame. But don't let this turn you off, because veteran Andrew "Bassie" Campbell has chosen to work with notable talent, for which he should be commended. Even though artists like Tuff Lion, NiyoRah, Iba, Natty King, Soul Medic, and Xkaliba may not be that well-known to an international audience, all of them have released at least one full length album already.

Disc One kicks off with Tuff Lion's solid "Truth Will Make Man Free" across the wicked "Play Again" riddim, which furthermore features the mediocre "Seek, Search and Find" by Tru Love, Kali's awesome "Bed Time Story", Minite's great "Tropics", the solid "Current Of Oppression" by Ishence and the decent "Remain Calm" by Biblical. The best tunes for the second riddim, "Oh Jah", are Niyorah's "Capture The Moment", Xkaliba's ganja song "Plant Di Herb", Ikahba's "Pledge No Allegiance To No Flag", and Soul Medic's "No Time". "Life" is the title of the next riddim with Lutan Fyah's "Blessings", Michael Rose's "Royalness", Jah Mason's "Forgivness" and the combination tune "Hills And Valley" by Luciano, Bobo Desert & King David being our personal favourites. Only one cut for the "Boosky" riddim, Roots Gwaan's "Dry Ya I", but both riddim and tune fail to make a serious impression. The same goes for Ras Sparrow's "Fountain Of Truth" on the "Jamaica" riddim.

The excellent "Knowledge Increase" by Midnite comes across the bass driven "Feelings" riddim. The latter also underpins Ishence's "Betta Tomorrow" and Iba's "Driftin", both being solid efforts. The latter also goes for Natty King's "Pray" and Jr. Pinchers "I Wanna Love Ya" (previously released as 7" single), which are on the "Impact" riddim. The "Tonic" riddim is the last riddim featured on this compilation with King David's "Oompakatan" being worth of hearing.

"Gather The Remnant" as a whole is a very good various artist compilation featuring lots of quality modern roots tunes. Make sure to check this ya one... you won't be disappointed!