George Phang ~ Power House Selector's Choice Vol.2
17 North Parade - Groove Attack
November 7, 2008

Sugar Minott - George Phang: Power House Selector's Choice, Vol. 3 Track list

Disc 1
    'Love Won't Come Easy'-riddim
  1. You Too Greedy - Frankie Paul
  2. Dread - Toyan
    'Mad Mad/Diseases'-riddim
  3. Your Love Is Amazing - Frankie Paul
  4. Body No Ready - Winston Hussey
  5. Lick Shot - Michael Palmer
  6. Pretty Gal - Charlie Chaplin
  7. Hot Bubble Gum - Toyan
    'Mojo Rock'-riddim
  8. She Loves Me - Leroy Smart
  9. What A Bubbling - Little John
  10. Buy Out The Bar - Sugar Minott
    'Mr. Bassie'-riddim
  11. King Champion - Frankie Paul
  12. Come In A Dance - Barrington Levy
  13. Mr. Booster - Michael Palmer
  14. Jah Saved My Life - Barrington Levy
    'Pick Up The Pieces'-riddim
  15. Dread Upon Your Head - Sugar Minott
  16. I Love Jah Jah - Michael Palmer
  17. Rock & Roll - Little John
  18. Tickle Me - Toyan
    'Please Be True'-riddim
  19. A No Nutten (Part 2) - Admiral Bailey
  20. Bouncing - Josey Wales
Disc 2
    'Pretty Looks Isn't All'-riddim
  1. Chatty Chatty Mouth - Sugar Minott
  2. Police Peggy - Yellowman
  3. Drop Off A Shape - Charlie Chaplin
    'Queen Majesty'-riddim
  4. Nah Follow Fashion - Sugar Minott
  5. Roll Call - Tenor Saw
  6. Pull It Now - Michael Palmer
    'Real Rock'-riddim
  7. Dem A Go Feel It - Frankie Paul
  8. Mass Mi Mass - Sugar Minott
  9. Hug Up Mi Girl - Little John
  10. Gunshot A Burst - Michael Palmer
    'Rockfort Rock'-riddim
  11. Our Love Is Strange - Leroy Smart
  12. Pon Street Again - Josey Wales
  13. Galong Galong Galong - Yellowman
    'Rocking Time'-riddim
  14. You're Going To Find Me - Leroy Smart
  15. Ghostbuster - Frankie Jones
  16. Rocking Time Version - Sly & Robbie
  17. Working Hard - Gregory Isaacs
  18. Rocking Time - Josey Wales
    'Rougher Yet'-riddim
  19. Fall In Love With Me - Frankie Paul
  20. Mamma Yu Call Me - Charlie Chaplin
Disc 3
    'Shank I Sheck'-riddim
  1. No Touch The Riddim - Frankie Jones
  2. No Touch The Version - Sly & Robbie
  3. If You Only Knew - Tenor Saw
  4. Appetizing - Michael Palmer
  5. Now A Days - Charlie Chaplin
  6. Cumina - Toyan
    'Sleng Teng'-riddim
  7. Under Mi Fat Ting - Yellowman
  8. Batta Batta - Charlie Chaplin
  9. Freeze Who Goes - Josey Wales
  10. She's A Delilah - Nitty Gritty
  11. Girls Are Skanking - Leroy Smart
  12. Bubbling - Sugar Minott
  13. Chat Politics Pon Sound - Yellowman
  14. A We Rule - Michael Palmer
  15. One Auntie Lulu - Nitty Gritty
  16. Dance In The Atlantic - Charlie Chaplin
  17. Don't Close The Door - Half Pint
  18. Drape Her Up - Nitty Gritty
  19. If I Didn't Love You - Sugar Minott
  20. Country Man - Frankie Paul
Disc 4
    'Talk About Love'-riddim
  1. Talk About Love - Al Campbell
  2. Mix Up - Michael Palmer
  3. Under Cover Lover - Josey Wales
  4. Diet Rock - Charlie Chaplin
    'Throw Me Corn'-riddim
  5. Ready For Me - Frankie Jones
  6. Ease Up - Sugar Minott
  7. Pain A Mi Back - Charlie Chaplin
  8. Throw Me Corn - Josey Wales
    'To Be A Lover'-riddim
  9. For My Love - Sanchez
  10. Feel Like Crying - Josey Wales
    'Two Timer'-riddim
  11. Your Love Is Not True - Leroy Smart
  12. Two Timer - Sugar Minott
    'Won't You Come Home'-riddim
  13. Baby Come Home - Frankie Paul
  14. Better You Gwaan - Little John
  15. Better She Gwaan - Peter Metro
  16. Cell Block One - Sugar Minott
    'You'll Never Know'-riddim
  17. Upon The Roof - Tinga Stewart & Tiger
  18. Great Stone - Half Pint
  19. Original - Conroy Smith
  20. Come We Love Up - Cutty Ranks
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5
The 17 North Parade subsidiary has already been home lately to some very crucial re-releases for VP Records, but none of these in my opinion can top the 4CD-boxes with George Phang's productions for his own Powerhouse label. For a short introduction of George Phang, his Power House label and Phang's collaboration with Sly & Robbie do check the review of "George Phang ~ Power House Selector's Choice Vol.1". I already pointed out in that review that the only way to do justice to these releases in a review would be by offering soundsamples of all the tunes. As that's not possible I'll just recommend this second 4CD-box with its nice cover and booklet as much as the "Volume 1" by telling you that "George Phang ~ Power House Selector's Choice Vol.2" offers great one-off recordings for George Phang by Winston Hussey, Gregory Isaacs, Conroy Smith, Al Campbell, Admiral Bailey, Sanchez, Tinga Stewart & Tiger and Cutty Ranks.

And more wonderful tunes by the artists who recorded regularly for George Phang like Frankie Paul, Toyan, Michael 'Lickshot' Palmer, Charlie Chaplin, Leroy Smart, Little John, Barrington Levy, Sugar Minott, Josey Wales, Yellowman, Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, Leroy Smart, Frankie Jones, Peter Metro and of course Half Pint. Once more all voiced over brilliant relicks laid by (mainly) Sly & Robbie of classic (especially Studio One) riddims inna dancehallstylee like 'Love Won't Come Easy', 'Mad Mad/Diseases', 'Mojo Rock', 'Mr. Bassie', 'Pick Up The Pieces', 'Please Be True', 'Pretty Looks Isn't All', 'Queen Majesty', 'Real Rock', 'Rockfort Rock', 'Rocking Time', 'Rougher Yet', 'Shank I Sheck', 'Solomon', 'Stalag' ,'Storm', 'Talk About Love', 'Throw Me Corn', 'To Be A Lover', 'Won't You Come Home', 'You'll Never Know' but also dancehall's first digital riddim 'Sleng Teng. This compilation, organizing another 80 tunes from the early days of dancehall by riddim, is the other half of the most complete retrospective of gems released on George Phang's Power House label, available at a very fair price making it a must buy CD-box.