Gimmie Di Bass
Bass Inna Yu Face Records
October 17, 2011

Gimmie Di Bass - Taddy P Track list
  1. Deesha - Play For Me
  2. Shaggy, Red Fox & Chevaughn - Let's Get It Started
  3. Tanya Stephens - Heart Of Stone
  4. Evin Lake - Come Go With Me
  5. Rik Rok - Lady In My Life
  6. Deeyah - Embrace Love
  7. Rik Rok - Will This Love Survive
  8. Maxi Priest - Too Busy
  9. Bunny Rugs - Monday Morning Blues
  10. Beniton - Gimmie Di Bass
  11. Mackie Conscious - Leave The Crumbs Alone
  12. Simonie Kitson - God Is
  13. Taddy P - Heart Of Stone (Dub Mix Instrumental)
  14. Taddy P - Monday Morning Blues (Dub Mix Instrumental)
  15. Dean Stephens - Mama
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
If you're looking for well produced, sophisticated reggae music with bluesy melodies, rock overdubs, and a soulful vibe, you'll definitely have to check the Taddy P produced "Gimmie Di Bass". The latter -- featuring tried and trusted hitmakers such as Shaggy, Tanya Stephens, Maxi Priest, and Bunny Ruggs alongside promising newcomers like Evin Lake, Deeyah, and Simonie Kitson -- has a strong crossover feel and thus might appeal to a broad audience.

Taddy P, a musician, songwriter and producer out of Jamaica, opens his compilation with a light hearted intro by Deesha called "Play For Me". It's the aptly titled combination tune "Let's Get It Started" by Shaggy, Red Fox & Chevaughn that gets things really going. This track has dancehall as well as rock flavours and is a guaranteed dancefloor filler in the clubs. Tanya Stephens enjoyed chart success with the excellent "Heart Of Stone", an ironic take on relationships alongside an awesome bass line played by Taddy P. The fresh new voice of soulful singer Evin Lake shines bright on "Come Go With Me", a wonderful rendition of Teddy Pendergrass' mega soul hit from 1978. "Lady In My Life" is largely Taddy P's instrumental tribute to Michael Jackson with Rik Rok adding a nice vocal contribution.

Songstress Deeyah makes a good impression with "Embrace Love", a track that stays close to the mood and vibe of Rik Rok's "Lady In My Life". Rik Rok returns with an original lovers piece entitled "Will This Love Survive", which turns out to be a solid effort. Then it's time for the big names, UK singer Maxi Priest and Bunny Rugs of the legendary Third World Band. Maxi Priest delivers the great lovers rock track "Too Busy", while Bunny Rugs comes up with a nice remake of Mikey Melody's "Monday Morning Blues". Beniton, who asks Taddy P to "Gimmie Di Bass", is another lesser known artist presented on this compilation. Unfortunately he fails to cause real excitement with the title track. Not only is Mackie Conscious' "Leave The Crumbs Alone" a far better effort, it's also one of the few roots reggae tracks of this album. A reggae gospel track drops next with Simonie Kitson's "God Is", before the album is rounded off by two dub versions and Dean Stephens' mellow ode to "Mama".

All in all this is a thoroughly decent compilation with no fillers.