Global Reggae Selection Vol. 1
Urban Sedated Records
May 5, 2009

Track list
  1. Elhadji - Baay Faal
  2. Prince Wadada - Aya Way
  3. King B Fine - Picture On The Wall
  4. King Tide - Babylon Mixed Business
  5. Solo Banton - No Way
  6. Reason feat. Prezident Brown - Her Beauty
  7. FC Apatride Utd - War Party
  8. I Ancient - Mystery Babylon
  9. Ras B Ssali - Onooba Mukyala Ki Gwe
  10. Unicef feat. King B Fine, Trkaj, T Set, Zlatko - Some Of Them
  11. Iyared Militant feat. Mama Amber - feat. Warrior Queen
  12. Dub One! feat. Reason - Power Of The Words
  13. Mathew Tembo - Nelar
  14. Silaba - Travelling
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Urban Sedated Records, a UK based record label promoting Reggae and Roots influenced music from around the world, have released a compilation set entitled "Global Reggae Selection Vol. 1". The latter features fourteen tracks contributed by (except for Prezident Brown and perhaps also FC Apatride Utd) unknown Reggae artists from -- as the title clearly indicates -- all over the globe. Unlike most record labels, Urban Sedated Records is dedicated to fair trade as it operates an equal exchange policy, giving the artist 50% of the sales, directly opposed to the 7-12% from a standard record contract. The artists retain the copyright of their music (Authors rights) and enter into a non-exclusive agreement allowing the label to promote and sell their music. Without doubt a very praiseworthy policy, in particular for those artists who can hardly make a living from their record sales and are struggling for recognition.

"Global Reggae Selection Vol. 1" is a thoroughly enjoyable album, filled with heavy basslines, concious lyrics and appealing riddims. It perfectly combines elements of Modern Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dub, Dancehall and World Music pulled together by a heavy Roots vibe. Kicking off with the "Real Rock" riddim -- including a nice Djembe intro -- for "Baay Faal" by Senegalese deejay Elhadji, the listener is treated to quite a few solid efforts including the joyful "Picture On The Wall" by Slovenia's King B Fine, the awesome "Babylon Mixed Business" by Australia's King Tide, the dark sounding heavy political roots of "War Party" by Serbia's FC Apatride Utd, the great "Mistry Babylon" by Trinidad's I Ancient, and "Aya Way" by the Angolan Prince Wadada, who delivers his lyrics over a relick of the classic "Heavenless" riddim.

Besides music "Global Reggae Selection Vol 1" includes real nice original artwork by AndreasOne and a 12 page booklet chronicling the history of Reggae to the present day. Definitely an interesting release for those with an open ear and mind for Reggae coming from the four corners of the world and everything in between.