Good Vibes Connection
Patcheye International
July 22, 2005

Track list
  1. Flying Like A Bird - Lukie D
  2. No Love In Their Heart - Luciano
  3. Love Each Other - George Nooks
  4. Nah Follow Them - Alkatraz
  5. Super Model - Ablewell Foundation
  6. Gimme Your Love - Peter Spence
  7. No Guarantee - Peter Spence
  8. Heart Of A Man - Vocalinspiration
  9. There For You - K. Dilworth
  10. Mature Body Young Mind - Silverton Zee
  11. Love At First Sight - Son's Of David
  12. Touched By An Angel - B. Case / Home T
  13. Crazy Love - Peter Spence
  14. Drawn To You - Vocalinspiration
  15. It's The Thought That Counts - Shaz Akira
  16. Wish I Didn't Trust You So - Bunny Brown
  17. You Such A Nice Guy But - Slick D. feat. K.C.
  18. Nice Guy But Ruff Mix - Cutter / Silverton Zee
  19. Adrelin Rush - Slick D. / Skin Fit
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
U.K. based producer Patcheye has released an entertaining compilation cd on his own Patcheye International imprint called "Good Vibes Connection". Even though he may be rather unknown to many reggae fans Patcheye has been in the music industry for many years. During this time he has acquired many skills in the area of professional music production, lyric writing and song arrangement. Except for a few well known names like Lukie D, Luciano, George Nooks and Peter Spence this cd introduces a notable amount of new artists who have been given the opportunity to show their skills and talent to a wider audience. Two riddims dominate this cd with no less than six cuts for each riddim. The first riddim kicks off with Jamaican crooner Lukie D, who comes up with a fine, entertaining lovers tune. Next drops Luciano's conscious effort "No Love In Their Heart", which is delivered in the singer's well known style. Doubtless a track that will be enjoyed by the many fans of the Messenjah, and besides that definitely one of the standouts found on this album. George Nooks touches the same theme with "Love Each Other", which proves to be a matching cut. More consciousness with "Nah Follow Them" by Alkatraz, who has recorded several 7" singles for labels like Raggedy Joe, Shocking Vibes and Jamdown Records, but is still waiting for international recognition. Here he delivers a decent tune, however it's obvious that he has to come up with more impressive efforts to achieve a real breakthrough. Ablewell Foundation makes a very good impression with "Super model" and is truly a new talent worth of hearing. Peter Spence hardly ever fails to deliver a good tune and here's further proof. "Gimme Your Love" is a great lovers tune (the last cut on the first riddim), and the same goes for the wonderful "No Guarantee", which is the first cut for a next 'version excursion', also including the nice "Heart Of A Man" by Vocalinspiration and K. Dilworth's solid "There For You". Silverton Zee's "Mature Body Young Mind" doesn't really fit this compilation and belongs -- together with the last three tracks -- to its weakest moments. Son's Of David is another notable talent who delivers a worthy tune. His "Love At First Sight" is the first of six cuts for the same riddim, which furthermore has solid efforts by Peter Spence ("Crazy Love"), Vocalinspiration ("Drawn To You") and Bunny Brown ("Wish I Didn't Trust You").
Even though we're not treated to alot of namebrand artists and several (i.e. four) tracks don't fit the mood of this album, this is a very nice collection of tunes.