Greatest Love Juggling
Bootcamp Records
Digital Release
July 29, 2015

Track list
  1. Ed Robinson - Come Running
  2. Mical Rustle - Eyes On You
  3. Shuga - Greatest Love
  4. Glen Washington - Smokey Eyes
  5. Fabian - Will You Still Love Me
  6. Half Pint - Real Thing
  7. Culture T - Reason To Love
  8. Ian Sweetness - Let Me Make Love To You
  9. Jasoul - Memories
  10. Bobby Crystal - Settle Down
  11. Lil' Bit - You Make My Heart Stop
  12. Ghandi - Justice
  13. Kafinal - Nuh Lock Off Di Dance
  14. Hopeton Lindo - When I'm With You
  15. Teddy Brown - Dedicated Woman
  16. Computer Paul - Greatest Love Version
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Paul Henton, better known as Computer Paul, is a well-regarded producer and musician who has built tracks for Bounty Killer, Capleton, Beenie Man, Super Cat, Sizzla, Shabba, and Buju Banton at the height of their careers. He has worked in New York, Florida and Jamaica. After a visit in the '80s to Japan he saw how a man in a music-store hooked up a computer to a keyboard, several modules, and sequencers allowing him to play drums, bass, and strings at once. That was the moment he started pioneering the production of reggae tracks using computer technology. He is also the man who created the famous "Corduroy" riddim in 1994. Furthermore he has worked with artists such as Jack Radics, Stevie Face, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Jimmy Cliff, to name but a few. "Reggae means everything to me, there is no other music in the world I'd rather be playing. I love reggae as much as I love Jamaica and I'm passionate about Jamaica.

His latest effort for his label, Bootcamp Records, is a nice one riddim collection of smooth reggae tunes, titled "Greatest Love Juggling". It's a 15 track set (plus the usual instrumental cut) voiced by a some of reggae's finest voices. Reggae veteran Half Pint is also featured here while crooner Glen Washington delivers a top-notch effort called "Smokey Eyes". More veteran style comes from Hopeton Lindo. He started his career with a tune for producer Mikey Dread and became one of the best songwriters of the late '80s and early '90s, working with Gussie Clarke en the Two Friends production unit. "When I'm With You" sees him in fine style biggin' up his lady! Bobby Crystal had his finest moments in the '80s and '90s, but with "Settle Down" he shows that he's still a superb vocalist.

Talented reggae crooner, songwriter and music producer Ed Robinson brings a catchy lovers tune called "Come Running". Mical Rustle began his career in 1982 as the lead vocalist of the Solid Earth Showband in Jamaica. Since then he has recorded nuff quality tunes and moved to Florida. His vocal delivery suits the lovers tune "Eyes On You" quite well. Crooner Ian Sweetness was inspired by his parents, who were always singing around the house. In 1985, in Montego Bay, JAH Life studios first recorded Ian Sweetness version of "I Hold You". He worked with Penthouse Records, producer Bobby Digital and Arrows Recording Studio. In 1999 his cover of OC Smith's "Little Green Apples" became an international hit. His tune "Let Me Make Love To You" is full of romantic and soulful grooves, excellent tune! Mitsy Campbell also known as Shuga was born in Bogue Montego Bay, Jamaica. Her musical career began at the tender age of 14 and at the moment she's one of the most promising female vocalists. "Greatest Love" is an excellent reworking of her own tune of the same name she recorded for Donsome Records in 2012. Other noteworthy tunes are Culture T's powerful "Reason To Love", Ghandi with his roots tune "Justice" and Jasoul's sublime "Memories".

Well worth checking out!