Greensleeves One Drop Rhythm #02 ~ Dubwise / Indiscretions
July 7, 2009

Track list
  1. Priority - Assassin
  2. Spliff Tail - Busy Signal
  3. Warzone - Peetah
  4. Love Is Lovely - Beenie Man
  5. Informa - Lutan Fyah
  6. Love Me More - Ziggi
  7. Soothing Sound - Richie Spice
  8. Acres - Capleton
  9. Missing You - Busy Signal
  10. Searching - Jah Cure
  11. If Men Were Bees - Assassin
  12. Secrets - Peetah
  13. 20 To Life - Cherine Anderson
  14. Beep - Busy Signal
  15. Hush - Timeka Marshall
  16. Love - Voicemail
  17. Nuh Talk - Lutan Fyah
  18. Straight Forward - Konshens
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Taking a more than one year long break between and after releasing their two one-off one-drop one-riddim albums with Kemar McGregor's 'Triumphant' and '83' riddims Greensleeves Records seemingly had decided to return to the one-drop one-riddim album front with a more prolific and structured approach as their "Greensleeves One Drop Rhythm #01 ~ Nylon" album was the first of a new series, kicked off with a bang.

Before the series started in 2009 also came to a halt in 2009 already, Greensleeves released the best two-riddim-album of 2009, when they packed the 'Dubwise' and 'Indiscretion' riddims on "Greensleeves One Drop Rhytm #02". Like 'Nylon' excellent riddims, produced by Juke Boxx' Shane Brown and played for him by the Browne Bunch' veteran Glen Browne and Robert 'Dubwise' Browne with a.o. Bunny 'Simone' Fletcher.

And no 2009 in reviews would be complete without including this 2 rhythm album as the tunes could be heard in dancehall worldwide, with "Priority" by Assassin and one of hardcore dancehall's leading DJs and hitmakers at the moment Busy Signal with "Spliff Tail" leading the pack on the 'Dubwise'-riddim, on which besides Morgan Heritage member Peter a.k.a. 'Peetah' Heritage, Beenie Man and Lutan Fyah our own Ziggi truly stands out with the fabulous "Love Me More".

Besides four of the artists appearing on the six tracks on 'Dubwise', the twelve on 'Indiscretions' besides these strong Assassin, Busy Signal, Peetah and Lutan Fyah, big tunes are contributed by Richie Spice declaring his love for reggae's "Soothing Sound", Capleton with the massive ganja(field)tune "Acres", Jah Cure with "Searching" and especially the ladies Cherine Anderson and Guyanese Timeka Marshall with their respective scorchers "20 To Life" and "Hush".

Both Voicemail with "Love" and Konshens - still forming Sojah together with his older brother Delus - closing this set with "Straight Forward", a rootsy daggering tune (if something like that could have been invented he's done so!) excel, and the only downside to this compilation is that the clean versions of the riddims haven't been included. But apart from that, this is a one-drop (two-)riddim album as it should have been released. We can only hope that Greensleeves and Juke Boxx will return to the "Greensleeves One-Drop Rhythm" series in 2010.