Riddim Driven ~ Guardian Angel
VP Records - Groove Attack
October 9, 2007

Alaine - Riddim Driven: Guardian Angel Track list
  1. Guardian Angel - T.O.K.
  2. The World Is A Cycle - Richie Spice
  3. Give Thanks For What We've Got - DaVille
  4. Give Me Strength - Wayne Marshall
  5. Give Thanks For Life - Million Stylez
  6. My King - Jamelody
  7. To Your Arms Of Love - Jah Cure
  8. Missing You A Lot - Vybz Kartel
  9. Rise In Love - Alaine
  10. Best Days Of My Life - Voicemail
  11. Man Of My Word - Sanjay
  12. Take My Love - Christopher Martin
  13. Before You Go Away - Camar
  14. Guardian Angel (Version)
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VP Records have followed suit after Greensleeves decided to concentrate on reissuing lots of albums from their back catalogue and even newly acquired ones, apart from a couple of new artist albums releases, with Greensleeves seeming to win the reissue battle, but VP Records releasing the bigger (dancehall) artist albums. And although VP Records haven't (yet?) called it curtains for their Riddim Driven series (as Greensleeves has done for their Greensleeves Rhythm Albums) they have certainly slowed down with releases, but what they do release still is top class. As is this release with tunes across Arif 'Fresh Ear' Cooper's first one-drop riddim, the magnificent 'Guardian Angel'-riddim.

This is a top-notch one-drop riddim, masterfully produced, with an overload of superb tunes across it, as T.O.K. immediately show in great style delivering the title track of the riddim, followed by Richie Spice's killer tune "The World Is A Cycle" and DaVille with "Give Thanks" the great tune that was also included on his recent album "On My Mind". Wayne Marshall delivers the strong "Give Me Strength" followed by Sweden's Million Stylez singing great in "Give Thanks For Life".

Newcomer Jamelody shines bright on the conscious "My King" before Jah Cure delivers the magnificent "To Your Arms Of Love" and Vybz Kartel once more shows how easily he can ride a one-drop riddim delivering the smooth lovers tune "Missing You A Lot". Songbird Alaine is one of the best female singers in reggae currently and her "Rise In Love" is a prime example of that (especially since on this album the great "Over And Over" by Tami Chynn - that is featured on Greensleeves' "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2007" - is lacking). Voicemail show they are the only boygroup in Jamaica (no: in the world) currently even approaching T.O.K.'s pure genius with "Best Days Of My Life" followed by Sanjay's very nice "Man Of My Word" with great backing vocals.

Big Yard/Birchill protégé Christopher Martin branches out in impressive style with the smashing beauty of "Take My Love" and then seemingly newcomer Camar (but he is much better known in the dancehalls as Flava Unit) gives us the last vocal on this brilliant riddim with the heartfelt divorce tune "Before You Go Away". Closing this set showing Arif Cooper's brilliance is the clean "Guardian Angel (Version)", giving us yet another great one-drop riddim that stands out in a year that's already given us more than a fair share of excellent riddims (of which several by hardcore dancehall producers following in the footsteps of Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon).