Greensleeves 12" Rulers ~ Gussie Clarke Music Works 1987-'91
December 3, 2007

Track list
  1. Gregory Isaacs - Rumours (12" Mix)
  2. J.C.Lodge - Telephone Love (12" Mix)
  3. Shabba Ranks - No Bother Dis (Soundbwoy)(12" Mix)
  4. Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs - Big All Around (12" Mix)
  5. Home T, Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks - Pirates' Anthem (12" Mix)
  6. Mighty Diamonds - Mr. Bodyguard (12" Mix)
  7. Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Ninjaman - John Law (12" Mix)
  8. Krystal & Shabba Ranks - Twice My Age (12" Mix)
  9. Dennis Brown & Cocoa Tea - To The Foundation (12" Mix)
  10. Papa San - Dancehall Good To We (12" Mix)
  11. Deborah Glasgow - Champion Lover (12" Mix)
  12. Deborah Glasgow & Shabba - Mr. Lover Man (12" Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
One of the great dancehall and reggae producers, Gussie Clarke has been a successful Jamaican producer since the early '70s, when he helmed Big Youth's debut, "Screaming Target", and the 1973 debut from I Roy. In 1988, Clarke had another creative and career breakthrough when he opened the Music Works studio. Clarke was still going full-tilt in the '90s, releasing a two-CD retrospective in 1996 and continuing to produce and mix out of his Music Works home base. This is the second 12" Rulers volume in the Greensleeves series. To bad that they didn't add any "new" or "rare" unreleased tracks on this compilation.

Everyone who is familiar with Clarke's production style knows that he is an early dancehall producer, who likes to keep the songs upbeat. This set starts with the classic song Rumours from, of course, Gregory 'Cool Ruler' Isaacs, which is always a pleasure to listen to. On the same riddim comes the following track... Telephone Love by J.C. Lodge, not as known as Rumours, but definitely of matching quality. Dancehall king Shabba Ranks comes in with No Bother Dis (Soundbwoy), a great tune which keeps me reminding of the Cool Ruler's "Mind Yu Dis (Rudebwoy)" on the same riddim.

Big All Around is a sweet combination tune of Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs with perhaps a bit too much echo, but it isn't that annoying. Alot of artists on the next song as Shabba Ranks, Cocoa Tea and Home T bring us the Pirates Anthem. The Mighty Diamonds worked a lot with Gussie also, and thus it's not a suprise that Mr. Bodyguard is featured on this set, an upbeat riddim in combination with the diamond voices comes out great. The follow up tune John Law is brought by alot of artist again, this time it's Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor & Ninjaman, surely one of the outstanding tracks on this compilation. Krystal and Shabba Ranks bring us Twice My Age, but I don't think this tune fits here. To The Foundation by Dennis Brown and Cocoa Tea is worth checking out. The dancehall returns with Papa San's Dancehall Good To We, a fine tune which doesn't keeps you sitting down. Another classic is Champion Lover by Deborah Glasgow, which is followed by the remix Mr. Lover Man with Shabba adding an extra vibe to the tune.

Only killer dancehall tunes!