Various artists album review
Healing Of The Nation
Kariang Records
11 - 09 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Sister Carol - I'll Always Be A Ras
  2. Screwdriver - Kiss The Sky
  3. Jack Radics - Pull Your Kotch
  4. Sizzla - Healing Of The Nation
  5. Terry Ganzie - Mission For The King
  6. Garnett Silk - Sayonara
  7. Jah Mason - Have And Them Want
  8. Mikey General - Live The Live
  9. Daweh Congo - Rocky Foundation
  10. Kulcha Knox - Jah Jah A Me Heart
  11. Doniki - Jah Lives Forever
  12. Chezidek - Almond Tree
  13. Prezident Brown - In This Life
  14. Sugar Black & Lebanchulah - Know Yourself
  15. Mystic Revealers Feat. Rapper Robert - When I Am Far Away
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

The people involved in Ocho Rios based Kariang Records mainly concentrate on producing contemporary "roots & culture" music which already led to the release of such fine albums like Kulcha Knox's "Praise Jah Again" and Doniki & Steady Ranks' "Come To Give Praise". Now they bring us their first compilation album full of conscious and uplifting reggae music delivered by some of the finest artists around.
Sister Carol's effort across a decent revitalized version of Bob Marley's "Natty Dread" riddim is a very strong opener of what turns out to be a truly great and thrilling set of solid "roots and culture" tunes. Screwdriver is the next to contribute and his cut is a decent one delivered across a full-sounding sophisticated riddim. Not every effort of the exceptional singer Jack Radics was a "hit", but Pull Your Kotch can surely be reckoned among his best. Then the burning fire gets overheated as the "hotter than hot" bobo dread Sizzla takes over the proceedings in his own inimitable style thus delivering the first standout cut of the album. If you think Terry Ganzie provides a breazer you are totally wrong 'cause he is the next artist to deliver a strong performance, although his Message For The King is a bit cooler than the Sizzla cut. Sayonara - a great song from the so sorely missed Archangel Garnett Silk - is another testimony of how very alive his music still is. However, the "roots and culture" band wagon keeps on rolling as is showcased by the up-and-coming Jah Mason who delivers a standout cut across the infectious "Hot Pasture Rock" riddim.
Roots chanter Mikey General - still not fully recognized as he actually should be - puts out a solid effort once again showcasing that he's a singer who really has the unique talent and skills to take a song to a higher level. Daweh Congo has a very specific vocal style - reminiscent of Burning Spear - which requires a specific approach. The latter is the case so that we can witness a decent effort of this young roots singer. Kulcha Knox - a deejay who sticks to the tradition of the classical roots deejay music - contributes with a song that also can be found on his "Praise Jah Again" album. Unfortunately this is not one of Knox's best tunes and thus one of the weakest cuts - compared to the many high quality songs on this album. Doniki (here without his singing partner Steady Ranks) is responsible for the third version across the "Hot Pasture Rock" riddim, which proves to be a solid one after all. With Almond Tree Chelzidek delivers a nice tune before Prezident Brown takes over with In This Life, utilizing Bob Marley's "Duppy Conqueror/Mr. Brown" riddim. A great tune from an artist who often has been regarded as one of the most consistently interesting culture-oriented deejays to emerge in the nineties. Sugar Black & Lebanchulah's song Know Yourself is another wicked contribution to this compilation set. With a little help of Rapper Robert the Mystic Revealers put out a decent effort to round off this notable album. Need we say more ?!

Teacher & Mr. T.