Heartical Story Vol. 2
October 16, 2012

Heartical Story Vol. 2 - Various Artists Track list
  1. David Hinds (Steel Pulse) - Jah Vengeance
  2. Little Roy - Remember Jah
  3. Lloyd Parks & Joseph Cotton - Mental Slavery
  4. U Brown - Rootsman Skank
  5. Mykal Roze - Hypocrites Warning
  6. Anthony Johnson - Tribulation
  7. Carlton Livingston - Once Was A Man
  8. Papa Kojak - Fuss & Fight
  9. Zareb - Rise Again
  10. General Levy - Chant
  11. Bunny Lye Lye - Give Me
  12. Junior Cat - Love Jah & Live
  13. Johnny Osbourne - War Season
  14. Admiral Tibet - One Way
  15. Hopeton James & Ranking Joe - Heartbeat
  16. Lukie D - Rise
  17. Basque Dub Foundation - Ministerio Del Melodica
  18. Sly Dunbar & Basque Dub Foundation - Know My Dub
  19. Basque Dub Foundation - South East London Skank
  20. U Brown - Heartical Time (Dub Plate Special)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Throughout the past decade the fruitful collaboration between Basque Dub Foundation aka BDF and Heartical, a Paris based sound system & record label, has led to the release of a notable amount of 7" vinyl singles and a few albums (on digital platforms as well as on cd) including "The Know Myself Chronicles", "Far East Riddim" and "Heartical Story". The majority of the riddims featured on their releases are recuts of carefully selected classic Jamaican riddims, played by Basque Dub Foundation. "Heartical Story Vol. 2" is a carbon copy of its predecessor as it features the same riddims, all of them presented in the same order with always two vocal cuts of a riddim, and furthermore four bonus tracks: three instrumentals/dubs and a dubplate special for Heartical sound.

The compilation kicks off in great style with "Jah Vengeance", a brand new song by David Hinds (Steel Pulse's lead vocalist), which is followed by Little Roy's matching conscious anthem "Remember Jah". Both tunes are underpinned by an original BDF riddim called "Ministerio del Dub". Then it's time for a new version of Lloyd Parks' "Slaving" riddim, with a sound that is warm, enveloping and heavy as lead. Lloyd Parks updates his own classic song in combination with Joseph Cotton to full effect, which makes "Mental Slavery" one of the standouts. Also U Brown's "Rootsman Skank", a throwback to his days on Kingston sound systems like Socialist Roots, shows that tunes recorded by this veteran deejay are still worth hearing.

Original Black Uhuru singer Mykal Rose delivers the solid "Hypocrites Warning" over an explosive recut of Keith & Tex's "Tonight" riddim, while Anthony Johnson's rendition of Dennis Brown's "Tribulation" is a nice tribute to the late Crownprince of Reggae. Singer Carlton Livingston and deejay Papa Kojak revisit the "Far East" (aka "Jah Shakey") riddim, both delivering worthy efforts in their well known style. Up till now we've heard cuts done by reggae veterans, however this set also features younger artists like Zareb and General Levy, who both ride the "I Know Myself" riddim, and Lukie D, whose "Rise" comes across an awesome European roots style mix (courtesy of Conscious Sounds' Dougie Wardrop) of Junior Byles' "Fade Away" riddim.

BDF's version of Studio One's classic "Real Rock" riddim features Bunny Lye Lye's soundbwoy tune "Give Me", actually a voicing of his previously unreleased Addies/Saxon anthem "Give Me A Dubplate". Junior Cat, the younger brother of Super Cat, turned conscious for the wicked "Love Jah & Live". Johnny Osbourne shines on the reality tune "War Season", which comes across Aswad's "Dub Fire" aka "Promised Land" riddim. Don't overlook Admiral Tibet's "One Way" either, as this underrated artist also delivers a convincing effort for the riddim. Then it's time for the sweet voice of Hopeton James to collaborate with Ranking Joe's deejaying, which results in the nice "Heartbeat" over the "Fade Away" riddim. The two instrumentals ("Ministerio del Melodica" and "South East London Skank") and the dub version of the "I Know Myself" riddim as well as U Brown's "Heartical Time (Dub Plate Special)" are the icing on the cake.

Just like the 2011 released "Heartical Story", this second volume features a collection of tunes that previously weren't available on cd. So, if you're a roots fan who, for whatsoever reason, doesn't purchase 7" vinyl, this is your chance to get a whole heap of truly thrilling tunes over expertly reconstructed vintage riddims.