Rhythm Streetz Series #8 ~ Heavenly
In The Streetz
May 6, 2006

Track list
  1. Heavenly - Alaine
  2. Take You There - Voice Mail
  3. Brown Skin - Richie Spice
  4. Peace - Chevelle Franklyn
  5. Jah Protect Us - Capleton
  6. How Long - Anthony B
  7. No Doubt About It - Gentleman
  8. Have Been Loving - Morgan Heritage
  9. Hold Her - Munga
  10. One Love - Spanner Banner
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Recorded and mixed by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett for for his own Don Corleon Records and with a riddim built by him together with Nigel Staff, this is the riddim that has been dubbed 'Drop Leaf Volume 3' by some as it is his third one drop riddim successing his phenomenal 'Drop Leaf' and 'Seasons' riddims. Appearing as #8 in Byron Murray & Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz "Rhythm Streetz Series" - following the most successful 2004 one drop riddim "#1 ~ Drop Leaf" produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, selector Fire Links' completely crazy yet infectious riddim, "#2 ~ Chaka Chaka", DJ Sunshine's sophomore riddim "#4 ~ Real Life", Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich a.k.a. Black & White of Downsound Records "#3 ~ Invasion & Maroon Riddim" and the inexplicably again "#3" numbered album "No Man's An Island", produced by the in the late 70s rather popular DJ now turned producer Neville 'Jah Woosh' Beckford for his Original Music label, the penultimate before this one so far Don Corleon's second very successfull one-drop riddim "#5 ~ Seasons" and as #6 finally an In The Streetz production, Byron Murray's first attempt at a one drop riddim "#6 ~ Street Swing" and Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris' (Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett built and recorded) very successful first one drop riddims "#7 ~ Istanbul / Tropical". And Don Corleon hits it again, four tunes over this riddim already were released on CD through Donville Davis' Cou$ins outlet. On that set were already Morgan Heritage's heartfelt love song "Since I've Been Loving You" and Richie Spice's impressive lovers tune "Brown Skin" as well as Capleton with the superb "Jah Protect Us" and Anthony B with his equally strong reality tune "How Long" with its phenomenal female backing vocals. This album is opened by Alaine's beautiful title song, the supersweet lovers tune "Heavenly" followed by Voice Mail's great and equally sweet "Take You There" and Richie Spice's "Brown Skin". Veteran female singer Chevelle Franklyn, who recorded her fair share of tunes for Penthouse and Xterminator in the mid 90s and then made it into the mainstream alongside Beenie Man in 1997 with "Dancehall Queen" from the movie soundtrack, impresses here with her sung prayer "Peace", before Capleton's "Jah Protect Us" and Anthony B's "How Long" drop in. Gentleman is the next artist voicing this riddim and he has been strong over Donovan Bennett's one drop riddims, with this "No Doubt About It" / so I gotta shout it / giving Praises to Jah name i will testify / can't live without it / tell me what about it / for every single blessing man affi qualify being no exception, another scorcher added to his oeuvre, followed by Morgan Heritage's great "Have Been Loving You" (they also seem to deliver their best tunes for Don Corleon). Munga, who is coming on strong in 2006, and has 2 tunes on Don Corleon's upcoming riddim 'Foundation' delivers the beautiful strongly vocodered "Hold Her" before Spanner Banner contributes the last tune on this excellent third one drop riddim by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett and his "One Love" is an excellent tune by this veteran singing brother of Richie Spice. Just one minus for this album: no clean version of the riddim is included, but apart from that this is state of the art modern roots and lovers reggae that must be heard by everyone.