High On Love Riddim
May 27, 2013

High On Love Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Anthony Que - Rastaman House
  2. Prince Jahved - I Often Wonder
  3. Roberto Sanchez - Mother Of My Child
  4. Singer Jah - Help 4 Di Youths
  5. Wayne Daniel - Give Me Your Heart
  6. Droop Lion - Poor People Are Suffering
  7. U-Rie - Se Puede Hacer Bien
  8. Supa Bassie - Compromiso
  9. Sr. Wilson - Children No Cry
  10. Sr. Wilson & Rapsusklei - Children No Cry
  11. Singer Jah - Help 4 Di Youths (Hip Hop Mix)
  12. Prince Jahved - I Often Wonder (Hip Hop Mix)
  13. Sr. Wilson & Rapsusklei - Children No Cry (Hip Hop Mix)
  14. Prince Jahved - I Often Wonder (Dancehall Mix)
  15. Singer Jah - Help 4 Di Youths (Dancehall Mix)
  16. Sr. Wilson - Children No Cry (Dancehall Mix)
  17. Supa Bassie - Compromiso (Dancehall Mix)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
ReggaeLand Productions is a Barcelona based production house, which was and originally conceived as a radio show under the name of Reggaeland FM in 1997, it eventually became a recording label in 2004 and was renamed Reggaeland. Productions started out in Jamaica and involved Spanish vocal artists Nano Bravo, Queen Smiley and Supah Bassie, recorded over Jamaican riddims and eventually released as 7". It was in 2009 that the label finally begun to publish albums from mainly upcoming Spanish artists, who voiced Reggaeland's own produced riddims. Jah Nattoh "En Buenas Manos" was the first official release, followed by Miguel Arraigo "La Esencia Vital" and shortly after by Maia "La Llamada".

The year 2011 marked a turning point with 3 very solid releases: "Cultura Accidental" from the Catalan reggae band Txilum, the first one riddim album "Dem Talking Riddim" featuring Jamaican artists and another 'one riddim' album by the name of "Reggae Reasoning Riddim". A growing interest for Reggaeland's corporative riddims from overseas and the existing link with the land of reggae Jamaica led the team to start serious recordings with Jamaican artists.

Eager to rescue the original Reggae values and to promote conscious productions, Reggaeland decided to turn its focus on new generations of Jamaican worthy upcoming artists alongside the brilliant Spanish ones it already involved with the aim to help establish a new breed of conscious Reggae artists. In 2012 the label released the successful "Cultura Riddim", Malijah's album "Dancin' Shoes", the one riddim set "Hold Di Trinity", and 2 more albums, "Warrior Of Jah Army" by Singer Jah and "No Fear No Man" by Anthony Que. In the autumn of that year Chantelle Ernandez released her debut album "Gimme What's Mine".

One of their current riddims is called "High On Love". This 'one riddim' album is divided into three sections. The first ten tunes are the reggae mixes of the riddim, the next three are so called hip hop mixes and the last four are the dancehall mixes. The riddim is sweet, traditional one drop and suited for sultry lovers tunes. The backing even offers some (synth) violins without becoming overproduced. God job guys! The opening tune comes from Anthony Que, Rastaman House, a strong tune, not being a roots tune considering the title, but a wonderful love song. Prince Jahved brings the awesome tune I Often Wonder, an impeccable roots tune. Roberto Sanchez is a young producer, musician, singer and sound engineer from Santander, Spain who has been active in the scene for many years. With his tune Mother Of My Child he praises his empress to the max.

Singer Jah hails from France, but relocated to Jamaica at the age of 15 where he started a career as singer. His vocal delivery on Help 4 Di Youths makes a powerful impression and made us spin the tune more than once. Wayne Daniel's Give Me Your Heart is a 100% lovers tune, brought in good style by this Jamaican crooner. Spanish artists U-Rie, Supa Bassie and Sr. Wilson's efforts are also well worth checking out. Check out fi sure the combination tune Children No Cry by Sr. Wilson in company of deejay Rapsusklei. Superb offering! The dancehall renditions are well done remixes, with a subtle 80's dancehall flavour. The hip hop mixes are aimed at the younger, crossover sensitive public.

Very enjoyable set!