Various artists album review
CD / 2LP
29 - 11 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - Miles
  2. Tony Curtis & Galaxy P - Shorty
  3. Buju Banton - Dis Mi Lady
  4. Mr. Vegas & Ce'Cile - Get Yuh Tonight
  5. Ward 21 - Reverse
  6. Mega Banton - Fat Gal Slim Gal
  7. Hawkeye - Who's That?
  8. Chuck Fender & Fiona - Money
  9. Kiprich - Police
  10. Elephant Man (Featuring Singer J) - Quint It
  11. Monster Shock - Slippery
  12. Danny English - Hang Dem
  13. Lady G & Cutlass - Chop It Suh
  14. Risto Benjie - Right Now
  15. Lady Saw - Follow Me
  16. Goofy - Wha Dat Star
  17. Ricky Rudy - Tame
  18. Red Rat & Psycho Kid - A Lie
  19. Fargo Voice - Curiosity
  20. Kiprich - Ring
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

With three consecutive releases in a short period of time it's obvious that the "rhythm" albums are flowing fast from the HQ of London based Greensleeves Records. "Highway" is the latest instalment in the series featuring some of the hottest dancehall acts on the planet produced by Mark Hudson for "Stone Cold Productions". Reigning dancehall masters like Capleton, Buju Banton, Mr. Vegas, Lady Saw alongside such fresh talents like Elephant Man, Danny English, Kiprich and Ricky Rudy have voiced the furious, pumpin' "Highway" riddim, which strongly brings to mind the earlier this year released "Bellyas". Packed with twenty rough cuts this set contains enough solid deliveries and a few topnotch efforts to please the dancehall massive. Once the speakers have bursted out the first tones of the riddim - accompanied by Capleton's fiery vocal and lyrical delivery from his outstanding tune entitled "Miles" - the pace is set for an almost 63 minutes lasting riddim assault. Riding the "Highway" one is confronted with some serious roadblocks caused by "Shorty" from the wicked combination Tony Curtis & Galaxy P, Buju Banton's "Dis Mi Lady", "Get Yuh Tonight" from the surprisingly well working combination Mr. Vegas & Ce'Cile, Ward 21's "Reverse", Monster Shock's "Slippery" , Danny English's "Hang Dem" Kiprich's awesome "Police" and also his enjoyable "Ring". "Highway" provides great value and a good opportunity to collect a whole heap entertaining efforts over a wicked, hardcore riddim. Of course, for anyone interested in contemporary dancehall bashment who doesn't buy these dancehall tunes on 45.

Teacher & Mr. T.