Hi Grade Ganja Anthems 2
April 21, 2008

Michael Palmer - Hi-Grade Ganja Anthems, Vol. 2 Track list
  1. Pass The Kutchie - Mighty Diamonds
  2. Tired Fi Lick Weed Inna Bush - Jacob Miller
  3. Don't Smoke The Seed - Michael Palmer
  4. Natty The Collie Smoker - Ranking Joe
  5. Herbsman Hustling - Sugar Minott
  6. Mushroom - Johnny Osbourne
  7. Sensee Party - Eek-A-Mouse
  8. One Spliff A Day - Billy Boyo
  9. Hot Pipes - Jah T
  10. Jamaican Collie - Charlie Chaplin
  11. Give We A License - Morgan Heritage
  12. Rush On The Tonic - Mykal Rose
  13. Oh What A Feeling - Warrior King
  14. Marijuana (Pon Di Corner) - Richie Spice
  15. Gwaan Plant - Chuck Fender
  16. Marijuana - Sizzla
  17. Ganja Smoke - Ward 21
  18. Sen On - Vybz Kartel
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Following the success of last year's "Hi-Grade Ganja Anthems Volume 1" which compiled some of reggae and dancehall's best known tunes about ganja, marijuana, collie, weed, sess, sensimillia and whatever other name used for the herbs for always linked to Jamaica music, Greensleeves have collected this set of 18 more blazing classic, ranging from early roots singers and DJs right into nowadays dancehall. And I was lucky enough to pick up this promo copy of it at my favourite reggae (also providing mailorder) store Irie Records in Münster, Germany.

Opening this "Hi Grade Ganja Anthems 2" is one of best and most played seminal ganja tunes, the Mighty Diamonds' "Pass The Kouchie", recorded in 1981 for Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke over Studio One's everlasting 'Full Up'-riddim, followed by the Inner Circle produced "Tired Fi Lick Weed Inna Bush" by their late lead singer Jacob Miller in 1975. Michael 'Lickshot' Palmer contributes his very nice 1984 Channel One tune "Don't Smoke The Seed" before veteran DJ Ranking Joe chats his also at Channel One (in 1978) recorded "Natty The Collie Smoker" and the 1983 Taxi release "Herbman Hustling" over 'Heavenless' by Sugar Minott.

Johnny Osbourne is far ahead of his time advocating the use of sensimillia while warning not to let the "Mushroom" go to your head over the 'Junjo' Lawes produced relick of Carlton & The Shoes' 'Love You Forever'-riddim, followed by Eek-A-Mouse's "Sensee Party" for Linval Thompson from 1982, child DJ Billy Boyo's heavily dubbed up "One Spliff A Day" from 1981 for Henry 'Junjo' Lawes and Jah T's very impressive "Hot Pipes" ride across 'Fever' produced in 1972 by Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Charlie Chaplin, back then one of my favourite reggae DJs, delivers his very nice firm rootsy "Jamaican Collie", released in 1983 on Roy Cousins' Wambesi label.

Morgan Heritage are joined by their father Denroy Morgan for the brilliant "Give We A License", before Michael Rose describes the "Rush On The Tonic" over Frenchie's recut of Horace Ferguson's 'Sensi Addict' and Warrior King uses Frenchie's 'Ashanti Warrior'-riddim for the beautiful "Oh What A Feeling". One of the biggest anthems about the weed of wisdom of this decade is Richie Spice's Fifth Element produced "Marijuana (Pon The Corner)" upon their 'I Swear'-riddim. Chuck Fender Chuck Fenda delivers the ideal ganja tune to play for selector's after dropping 'Police In Helicopter' in the John Holt (& Sizzla) version, his "More Marijuana" a.k.a. "Gwaan Plant".

Sizzla Kalonji's "Marijuana" is by far the weakest track on this compilation, but this little drawback is made up for completely by the two smashing tunes closing this album, Ward 21 riding 'John John''s relick of 'Shank I Sheck' for their magnificent "Ganja Smoke" with its famous smoke the weed the weed the weed / till my eyes a bleed and Vybz Kartel with his "Sen On" over Lenky's 'Time Travel' providing the alternative theme of this wholeheartedly recommended compilation: Don't Drink And Drive, Smoke And Fly!