Riddim Driven ~ Higher Octane
VP Records
August 1, 2006

Track list
  1. Math Class - Vybz Kartel
  2. Real Gangsters - Mr. Easy
  3. New Gangsta Nation - Ward 21
  4. Put Your Gunz Up - Bling Dawg
  5. Fire - Lindo P feat. Kardinal Offishall
  6. Give It Away - Nicky B & Shane-O
  7. Dutty Wine - Crazy Chris
  8. Dutty N*gger - Mr. Lex
  9. I Swear - Delly Ranx
  10. Stress Driven - Chico
  11. Zoom Gal (Dancehall Remix) - Notch
  12. Rah Tah Tah - Busy Signal
  13. Kick Out Foot - Mr. Lex
  14. Kick Dem Out - Captain Barkley
  15. Jah Blessing - Round Head
  16. Higher Octane - Supa Dups
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
The soundsystem that evolved out of being founding member Supa Dups' reggae/hip-hop mix-CD project, was established after he teamed up with Bobby Chin who became a selector on Florida's Poison Dart when Supa Dups was already selecting for them, and they quit to run their own sound. The Black Chiney CDs "Vol. 1 - Enter The Dragon", "Vol. 2 - Return Of The Dragon", "Vol. 3 - Revenge Of The Dragon" and "Vol. 4 - The Last Dragon" established the dancehall's big sounds best kept secret, before 'the new Black Chiney' became the hottest mixed CD when "Vol. 5 - The CD Killer" was released in November 2000. No more than half a year later they showed up at every big dance for the summer in Jamaica, and Black Chiney as a soundsystem took the dancehallscene by storm. With an even more powerful collection of dubs and refixes later that summer on "Vol. 6 - Mixology" they strenghtened and expanded that position, and their "Vol. 7 - Black-A-Chino" from February 2002 perfectly showed what Black Chiney is all about: riddims from both the JA dancehall and the hip-hop fraternity, like Black Shadow's 'Buzz', Rattler's 'X-5', CJ's 'Engine', Ward 21's 'Puke', Kings Of Kings' 'Martial Arts', Fat Eyes' 'Renegade' and Too Bad's 'White Liver' from Jamaica, and Outkast's 'Whole World', Timbaland's 'Oops My Oh', 'Feel The Girl' and 'For My People', DMX' 'Who We Be', Nas' 'Get Yourself A Gun' from the US all used for wicked dubs and remixes by the top notch usual suspects. Topped by the first self-produced Supa Dups riddim 'Reggae Thuggin' and 3 tracks (e.g. Elephant Man's "Acting Gay") using Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love'(!). Then a silence of 2 years preluded their best mix CD so far, May 2004's "Supa Chiney V 8.1" taking them to even higher heights, including the very successfull self-productions on their 'Kopa'-riddim, that was their first album released in VP Records' Riddim Driven series. If you don't know what Black Chiney riddims sounds like, you haven't been in a dancehall the last two years. This riddim collection of their latest booming hardcore riddim 'Higher Octane' - which in a way reminds because of its subsonic bass of South Rakkas Crew's riddims - kicks off with the absolute killer tune on the riddim, Vybz Kartel's ultra slack, brilliant "Math Class", where his superb delivery is matched by the metaphors in the lyrics
1, 2, 3, 4...
good morning students, it's abidja teacher
welcome to di maths class
ready fi di long division, u wan pass?
wine fast.

ur vagina plus my buddy equal,
6 black baby 3 bwoy 3 gyal.
ur vagina plus my buddy equal,
6 white baby 3 bwoy 3 gyals.
ur vagina plus my buddy equal,
6 coolie baby 3 bwoy 3 gyal.
when u enter yuh gyal deh, cocky inna circle, like it's a penn diagram.

minus di clothes plus erase di bras
divide di legs dem subtract di draws
add in di rat, multiply by a million stab dat equals bussin of balls

sex plus bare back equals squile
buddy plus batty equals x file
black dick plus black pussy plus white lilly baby equals not my child

ur vagina plus my buddy equal,
6 black baby 3 bwoy 3 gyal.
ur vagina plus my buddy equal,
6 white baby 3 bwoy 3 gyals.
ur vagina plus my buddy equal,
6 coolie baby 3 bwoy 3 gyal.
when u enter yuh gyal deh, cocky inna circle, like it's a penn diagram.

add maths now, indisease matey cease
sex and protect equals pure disease
draw a diagram yeah, 360 degrees
while me ben yuh knees go to 180 freeze

sting like sphere, dont be scared
me fuck wid protection E MC-square
inna bed no dead no silly billy ehhh
righter den dalili or lili ehhh

and then Mr. Easy changes the theme to "Real Gangsters" very melodic before the extremely convincing Ward 21 tune "New Gangsta Nation" is easily their strongest tune this year in a year that has already seen them return to their fine form of old. Bling Dawg contributes the fine "Put Your Gunz Up" before the heavily underrated and underrecorded Canadians Kardinal Offishall alongside newcomer (though he's no stranger to listeners of high level soundclashes because of his great dubplates) Lindo P. deliver the excellent "Fire". Another great combination follows over a slightly different beautiful arrangement of the 'Higher Octane'-riddim when great singer Nicky B(ennett) - who added the keyboards on this version - teams up with Shane-O for a song about a girl who no matter what and how expensive things are you give her, she will still "Give It Away". Crazy Chris contributes his slack take on a "Dutty Wine" before Mr. Lex shows he's back with a tune rivalling Capleton's tune last year on 'Kopa' for the number of times using the N-word in the strong "Dutty N*gger (Something Fi Chat)". Delly Ranx proves after his contributions over the self-produced 'Red Bull & Guinness' and several other strong tunes last and this year he definitely has made the comeback he wanted with "I Swear". Chico is coming on strong as well aided by some fine backing vocals on "Stress Driven" followed by former Born Jamericans member Notch like on 'Kopa' delivers an outstanding tune with "Zoom Gal (Dancehall Remix)" and Busy Signal steadily building more classy output over a by Victan 'Teetimus' Edmunds' keyboards enhanced arrangement of the riddim with the great "Rah Tah Tah". Mr. Lex deservedly gets a second tune on the riddim as his "Kick Out Foot" is another great effort on it, followed by veteran Captain Barkey - whose over 15 years lasting career peeked some 8 to 10 years ago - returns once more convincingly with "Kick Dem Out". Roundhead delivers the last featured vocal (unfortunately 4 equally strong tunes on the riddim by Beenie Man "Set Yuh Free", Benzley Hype "Stroke", the second Delly Ranx tune "Easiest Thing", and Sanjay's "Bathroom Sex" are not included by VP Records here) "Jah Blessing" before the clean "Higher Octane"-version shows once more that Black Chiney's Dwayne 'Supa Dups' Chin-Quee and his fellow Black Chiney members Wally 'Willy Chin' Hoo, R. 'Bobby Chin' Lee and L.P. 'Walshy Killa' Walsh aren't 'just' remix kings, but a hardcore dancehall production outfit to be reckoned with as well. A truly must have album for all dancehall enthusiasts who haven't got the 45s yet!