Hit Me With Music ~ Volume One
Calibud Music
December 27, 2006

J. Stylz - Hit Me With Music Track list
  1. Cocoa Tea & Gentleman - Be Yourself
  2. Turbulence - Im Tired
  3. Anthony B - Tenderness
  4. Jah Cure - Hit Me With Music
  5. Sizzla - Fight Against The Youths
  6. Pinchers - Kingston Jamaica
  7. Beenie Man - Rough Times
  8. Elephant Man - Work Dem Right
  9. QQ - Never Know The Use
  10. J Stylz - Tommorow
  11. Chuck Fender - I See Love
  12. Anthony Cruz - Treat The Girls Right
  13. Capleton - A Good Woman
  14. Richie Spice - Black Like Tar
  15. Abijah - Nah Give Up Today
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Calibud is not only a record label, it is also the nickname of Sheldon Stewart who is the nephew from one of the most famous reggae producers, Bobby Digital. Maybe that's why all tunes were recorded at Digital-B Studio. The cd is in fact a 3 riddim sampler, two riddims ("Lonely" and "Stress") were produced by Calibud himself and the third one ("Kingston Jamaica") was produced by Patrick Sutherland.

Although 2 riddims are from 2004/2005, the album still sounds nice and fresh. If you are looking for a weak tune, go search on another cd. The album starts with a combination tune named Be Yourself from Gentleman and Cocoa Tea on the "Lonely" Riddim. The following 4 tunes are all on this riddim and all strong, specially to mention Jah Cure's Hit Me With Music.

Next is the "Kingston Jamaica" riddim from 2006 starting with the main tune on this riddim from Pinchers, which is simply one of the best one drop tunes from this year. Beenie Man shows that he cannot only fight war with Bounty Killer and delivers a good "reality" tune. Also very enjoyable to the reviewer's ears is Never Know The Use from QQ, a 13 year old youth, who also hit hard in 2004 with his tune "Poverty". The last riddim is the "Stress" riddim - released in 2004 - starting with Chuck Fender's mighty I See love. With tunes like Black Like Tar and Nah Give Up Today this is also a very strong one drop riddim.

This cd is recommended to all reggae music lovers, a fine modern roots selection and a must have if you don't have the 7" singles already.