Jasfar-VP Records
May 17, 2006

Track list
  1. Hooligan - Glen Washington
  2. Mi Nuh Like - Screwdriver
  3. No More - Lloyd Brown
  4. Life - Fiona
  5. Wrongs - Yami Bolo feat. Big Youth
  6. Know Jah - Causion
  7. Real Thing - Hopeton Lindo
  8. Joe - Wayne Wade
  9. My Soul - Mical Rustle
  10. Living The Life - Two Of A Kind
  11. Hooligan Mix
  12. Bush Hooligan Mix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Producer Jason Sterling of Jasfar Records, who often operates alongside Lloyd & Michelle Campbell of the Joe Frazier label, relicked for his own Jasfar Records the 'Hooligan'-riddim, that ruled the dancehalls in 1984 when Henry 'Junjo' Lawes produced Frankie Paul's version for his Volcano Records, based on the John Holt penned 1966 Paragons' Studio One classic "Change Your Style". The original tune is opening this album performed by Glen Washington, before (we're talking late 80s here) former upcoming Beres Hammond protégé and later like, Jason Sterling, in Florida residing Screwdriver delivers the fine anti-system tune "Mi Nuh Like" and highly rated UK based vocalist Lloyd Brown's heartfelt can't take this "No More" I'm out the door. Fiona 'Forever' Robinson, who also excels on Joe Frazier & Jasfar productions, contributes the beautiful smooth "Life" followed by the wicked combination of Yami Bolo & Big Youth, true Waterhouse vocal style delivery coupled with old school deejaying on "Wrongs" and then Causion from the twin-Island of Antigua and Barbuda, who last impressed with his sophomore album "One Life To Live" gives us one of the best performances on this riddim with the stunning "Know Jah". Hopeton Lindo's high pitched vocals are coming through fine on "The Real Thing" and so is former (late 70s) Yabby You protégé veteran Wayne Wade, who now records almost exclusively for the Florida based labels Heavy Beat of Willie Lindo and the afore-mentioned Joe Frazier, with his complaint to his girl "Joe" asking who she was with last night. Mical Rustle, the very gifted vocalist who recorded in 2003 an album together with Wayne Wade for Lloyd & Michelle Campbell's Joe Frazier label, contributes the excellent "My Soul" before Two Of A Kind - the to me unknown Stephenson siblings - deliver the great "Living My Life" as last vocal track over the fine relick of this great 'Hooligan'-riddim. As a bonus two mixes have been included, the 14:30 minutes "Hooligan Mix" in true soundsystem fashion and the 4:30 minutes "Bush Hooligan Mix" cutting up the riddim and the tunes a bit more, and both seem to explain the ambiguity a lot of selectors felt hearing this riddim: great riddim, great singers, but the fact that they all have or adopt the same kind of style diminishes the impact of each single tune. I however would recommended to all enthusiasts of lovers rock riddims and vocals, otherwise listen in closely before buying.