Hot Skull Riddim
Lyrical War Records
Digital Release
April 10, 2013

Hot Skull Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. 1Natz - Dem Nuh Bad
  2. African - Bad Nuh Bumbo
  3. Booba Starr - Wuk Gyal Hard
  4. CJ Killawno - Dry Eye (Raw)
  5. CJ Killawno - Dry Eye (Radio Edit)
  6. Jami Dread - We Nah Play
  7. Kid Kool - Dem Waa War
  8. Martin-Lv - Dark & Dull
  9. Maximum & Dan Giovanni - Rise & Knock
  10. Shawn Mental - Every Weekend
  11. Silva Shotta - No Question
  12. Thai Stylee - Inna Di Club
  13. Unique Kid - Bad People
  14. Lyrical War Records - Hot Skull Riddim Version
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
The year 2012 saw Austria based record label called Lyrical War Records burst on the scene with the release of three dancehall riddims; "Rum Bokkle", "Summer Body" and "Rich Fi Di Christmas" respectively. These projects didn't feature the usual suspects/big names from Jamaica, but gave way to aspiring newcomers to showcase their skill and talent to the dancehall massive worldwide. Don't know if it's the label's policy to primarily focus on up-and-coming talents, but the way they do it is definitely a good thing as they create a platform to bring them to di world.

The "Hot Skull" riddim, a fast-paced dancehall throb, is Lyrical War Records' first big release for 2013. This brand new riddim and its thirteen vocal cuts prove why the label's name contains the 'WAR' term. The list of artists that have voiced the riddim features alot of names that were already present on previous juggling projects from Lyrical War Records. And thus this collection brings us once again people like Shawn Mental, African, CJ Killawno, Maximum, Dan Giovanni, Unique Kid, Booba Starr, and young singjay/musician/producer Jami Dread, who runs the label together with O'Neil. For the first time featured on a Lyrical Ward Records riddim are 1Natz, Kid Kool, Silva Shotta, and Martin-Lv, the latter being a member of Bounty Killer's ANG crew. Also talented Austrian artist Thai Stylee, who already has been creating waves in the European reggae arena, comes up with a cut on the "Hot Skull".

The lyrical content of most of the tunes is all about the 'badness' topic as is instantly made clear with "Dem Nuh Bad" by 1 Natz. Having heard this tune as well as the others, it's obvious that there isn't a real killer around, although Jami Dread's "We Nah Play", Martin-Lv's "Dark & Dull", Silva Shotta's "No Question", Unique Kid's "Bad People", and Thai Stylee's "Inna Di Club", are the best cuts for keeping dancehall revellers happy. In all this collection is fairly suitable party material... no more, no less.