Various artists album review
Hottis...We Do The Hits
12 - 09 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Ini Kamoze - Kingstock
  2. Anthony Redrose - Boomshell
  3. Richie Stephens - A Little Bit Of Love
  4. Peppa - Wanna Be
  5. Mikey General - Mama Set
  6. Lexxus - Mr. Bean
  7. Natural Black - Link Up
  8. Delly Ranks - Mouth Bad Boy
  9. Powerman - Nah Get Weak
  10. Degree - Honey Bee
  11. Anthony Redrose & Future Troubles- Boomshell
  12. Goofy - Rich And Bruk
  13. Johnny P - Show Gal
  14. Blackout - Hearsay
  15. Jah Mason - The Edge
  16. Spectacular - Who Kill The Man
  17. Sizzla - Must Be
  18. Mutabaruka - Can't Ketch We
  19. Ini Kamoze Featuring Gangstarr, Sizzla & Redrose - Competition In Fear
  20. Powerman - Movie Star
  21. Sizzla- Never Yet
  22. Dean Fraser & Hottis Klik - Fearless
Tracks 1-11: "Worm" riddim, Tracks 12-16: "Lava" riddim, Tracks 17-18: "Lion Paw" riddim, Tracks 19-22: Competition" riddim
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

In the early eighties Jimmy Cliff brought Cecil Campbell aka Ini Kamoze to the attention of Sly & Robbie. The riddim twins immediately recognized the potential of this original stylist, who made a serious impact with the release of his very impressive and highly acclaimed six track debut album. Since Ini Kamoze has managed to become the most successful Billboard chart-topping and multi-platinum selling reggae artist with probably most notable his major crossover success in the mid-nineties of the reworked "Hot Stepper". This compilation set marks the first CD release from Ini Kamoze's brand new "Hottis" label and "Hottis Klik" production team.
The album kicks off with Ini Kamoze's new killer Kingstock - a lean, mean slice of dancehall murderation with the Hot Stepper turning in a superbly delivered and characteristically oblique set of lyrics as he rides the riddim that caused excitement and a new dance craze in Jamaica. Some of Jamaica's young talents and top reggae artists also jumped on the very appealing "Worm" riddim, which makes that ten further cuts are included as well. To come straight to the point ...within this "version excursion" there's no real weak tune to be found. Every song is at least a decent one with - of course - some being the standouts. Take e.g. the versatile Anthony Redrose who not only puts out a solid solo effort, but whose combination song with the "Tazmanian" deejay Future Troubles - originally considered as a bonus track - is a great one too. Not only melds Anthony Redrose's delivery very well with the style of deejay Future Troubles, they also succeed in utilizing the riddim to its fullest. A real gem is delivered by original roots chanter Mikey General, who caresses the eardrums of the listener as he rocks the dancehall riddim surprisingly well. Very convincing are also the tunes from newcomers Natural Black and female singer Peppa who showcase their skill and talents in such a way that it is obvious they are well worth to watch out for in the future.
The second part of this album features three different riddims each with a very own feel: the "Lava" riddim will excite everyone who has a love affair with hardcore dancehall riddims, the rootsy "Lion Paw" riddim serves lovers of classical style reggae whereas the "Competition" riddim can be considered as a fusion between reggae and hip-hop. The best tunes are Hear Say from original Hottis deejay Blackout - the first to voice on the "Lava" riddim -, Jah Mason's The Edge, Competition In Fear from Ini Kamoze in combination with Sizzla, Anthony Redrose and Brooklyn-based Guru from the gold-selling underground rap group Gangstarr - truly a song with crossover hit potency - and the wicked instrumental Fearless from Dean Fraser & Hottis Klik.
"Hottis...We Do Hits" is an enjoyable album that surely will capture the attention of many (reggae) music lovers !

Teacher & Mr. T.