Riddim Driven ~ Ice Breaka
VP Records
December 20, 2005

Track list
  1. Not Going Down - Busy Signal
  2. Still Wah More - Assassin
  3. Do Anything - T.O.K.
  4. OK - Wayne Marshall
  5. Irresistable - Cezar
  6. Dial Tone - Red Rat
  7. Oh Yea - Alaine
  8. Nuh Junjo - Elephant Man
  9. Fool - Bling Dawg
  10. Teaser - Looga Man
  11. Zone - Sean Paul
  12. Do You Right - Tanto Metro & Devonte
  13. Dance Floor - Jovi & Zumjay
  14. Get On Up - Voice Mail
  15. Girl's Request - Flava & Kid Kurrupt
  16. Ice Breaka (Version)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
'Ice Breaka' is the new riddim from one of Jamaica's top juggling sounds, Delano Thomas' Renaissance Crew. After last year's very successfull - probably THE bashment riddim of 2004 - 'Stepz'-riddim that kept ruling dances for the whole of 2005 as well, this new riddim is, like the 'El Toro' based on a very fast almost Spanish sounding acoustic guitar riff, combined with a subsonic bass, synth layers and an almost unrythmical drum pattern giving the riddim its driving power. Busy Signal impresses with his cry for less violence "Not Going Down", followed by Assassin's fine but nothing more "Still Wah More", T.O.K.'s "Do Anything" and Wayne Marshall's impressive bragging party tune "OK". Cezar shows once more he's a very talented singer, although he gets a bit too much vocoder on his "Irresistable", followed by Red Rat digging into the lower registers of his voice for the entertaining "Dial Tone". Alaine delivers the fine party tune "Oh Yea" before Elephant Man mashes it up with "Nuh Junjo", a wicked tune about arm(pit)s that have to smell clean. Bling Dawg has become one of the DJs to deliver one of the bigger tunes on almost every riddim he voices (something I never expected two years ago) and he certainly does so here with the excellent "Fool". Dutty Cup Crew member Looga Man delivers the fine "Teaser" followed by Dutty Cup Crew most famous member Sean Paul delivering the best tune on the riddim (that is also one of the (several) best tunes on his recently released album "The Trinity") Head In The "Zone". Tanto Metro & Devonte warm up for their upcoming album "Musically Inclined" with the fine combination "Do You Right", before the female/male combination of Jovi & Zumjay surpasses their effort with "Dance Floor". Voice Mail seem to be solid as a rock, and their "Get On Up" is an excellent party tune, before the last vocal tune is for Dutty Cup Crew's Kid Kurrupt (whatever happened to his debut album on Greensleeves that was announced about one and a half year ago?) alongside Flava and their entertaining "Girls Request". The clean "Ice Breaka (Version)" closes this album with the next big scorching riddim from the Renaissance Crew.