iDrop Riddim (aka Rootstime Riddim)
Rootstime Production
Digital Release
January 25, 2014

Track list
  1. Freddie McGregor - For Your Love
  2. Luciano - Never Leave The Roots
  3. Blessed Every Time - South Pacific Slavery
  4. Kalani Kealoha - Irie Eyes
  5. Stinga D - Battle Field
  6. Tippa Irie & Peter Hunnigale - Got To Be Joy
  7. L81z - Brothers Keeper
  8. Junior P - So Long
  9. Soul Redemption - Love Is
  10. Eljai - Chozen
  11. Ishmel McAnuff - Time A Get Tough
  12. Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert - Gone
  13. Luciano & Anthony B - Never Leave The Roots (Remix)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
This 2013 released wonderful "iDrop Riddim (aka Roots Time Riddim)" almost had gone unnoticed by yours truly if not the good people from Rootstime Production had sent us their 'one riddim' set a few weeks ago.

Produced and mixed by Jason "Jahson" Murphey, this solid modern roots project hosts established Reggae artists such as Studio One veteran Freddie McGregor, Luciano, Tippa Irie, Peter Hunnigale, Junior P, and Anthony B as well as up and comers like Jamaican artist Ishmel McAnuff (son of Winston McAnuff), Belize-born reggae singer Eljai, and native Hawaiian singers Kalani Kealoha and Soul Redemption. Freddie McGregor gets things started in his inimitable style with the real nice lovers piece "For Your Love", before Luciano comes in with the solid "Never Leave The Roots" and Blessed Every Time (B.E.T.) follows with the truly beautiful half sung/half spoken "South Pacific Slavery". All in all a real good opening of this juggling set, which makes one longing for more niceness. And that is exactly what you are treated to with tunes such as the wonderful song "Irie Eyes" by Kalani Kealoha, L81z's conscious "Brother's Keeper", Junior P's "So Long", and "Got To Be Joy", a collaboration tune done by some of the UK's finest artists, Tippa Irie and Peter Hunnigale. Also Eljai, a fine vocalist with harmonic phrasing who was formerly known as Junior Rankin, delivers a fully convincing effort called "Chozen".

The "iDrop Riddim (aka Roots Time Riddim)" is a project worth checking out.