Inna De Yard
Inna De Yard
January 21, 2008

Track list
  1. The Viceroys - Heart Made Of Stone
  2. Junior Murvin - Rescue The Children
  3. Jah Youth - Well Ah Oh
  4. Chinna - We Got Love
  5. Mighty Diamonds - Country Living
  6. The Viceroys - Ya Ho
  7. Kiddus I - No Salvation Until
  8. Ras Michael Jnr. - White Line
  9. Prince Alla - Great Stone
  10. Junior Murvin - Gypsy Woman
  11. Linval Thompson - Guiding Star
  12. Cedric "Congo" Myton - Congo Ashanty
  13. Kiddus I - A Prayer
  14. Chinna - Homegrown
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
About three years ago Makasound launched it's unique "Inna De Yard" series, featuring acoustic sessions with mainly roots reggae legends recorded live in the yard of renowned guitarist Earl "Chinna" Smith (hence the label's name). Quite a few reggae legends found their way to Chinna's yard to perform live interpretations of some of their classic songs with the backing of largely acoustic instruments. Since then worldwide 35,000 copies have been sold of all the albums released in the series, with the first release (the compilation set "Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Idrens") being the best-seller with 8,000 copies sold.

And now there's this excellent compilation of tracks lifted from the various "Inna De Yard" sets. Gathered are some of the best tunes recorded at Chinna's yard including The Viceroys' "Heart Of Stone", Junior Murvin's "Rescue The Children", Chinna's "We Got Love" and Kiddus I's "No Salvation Until", to name a few.

As a kind of bonus (or perhaps it's better to speak of foretaste) this cd includes two previously unreleased tracks that will be featured on forthcoming "Inna De Yard" sets with Mighty Diamonds and Prince Allla. Good purchase if you're not familiar with the "Inna De Yard" series and simply want to get a good impression of how roots reggae sounds in an acoustic setting.