July 17, 2006

Track list
  1. Haffi Get It (Nah Rape) - Sizzla
  2. Real Gangsters - Elephant Man
  3. Uptown Story - Supahype
  4. My Highness - Busy Signal
  5. Nah Switch - Vybz Kartel
  6. Champion - Lady Saw
  7. Sitten Tight - Cobra
  8. Far We Come From - Bounty Killer
  9. We Don't Play - Movado
  10. Who? - Vybz Kartel feat. Supahype
  11. We A Gangsta - Dr. Evil
  12. Unpredictable - Bling Dawg
  13. Weed We Smoke - Kid Kurrupt
  14. We Nuh Play - Ward 21
  15. Gimme The Girls - Icecold
  16. Nah Taste - Macka Diamond
  17. Badman Story - Zumjay
  18. Calling All Girls - Monster Twins
  19. Turn Up The Bassline - Munga & Jah Malo
  20. Wooo!!!! - Jagwa
  21. Informer - Tornado
  22. Oh Yeah - Tonto Marijuanna
  23. Inspector Rhythm - DJ Karim (& Christopher 'Longman' Birch)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Already #85 in the Greensleeves Rhythm Album series is the 'Inspector'-riddim, produced by the 'Remix King' Damani 'DJ Karim' Thompson, the man behind last year's summers hits "Born & Grow" by Busy Signal and Elephant Man's "Wine Up On It", for his own label Stainless Records. And whereas Dave Kelly's own extremely successful 'Eighty Five'-riddim may have been heavily inspired by it, DJ Karim's 'Inspector'-riddim is a true remake of Dave Kelly's 2000 riddim 'The Bounce'. Aided by one of Jamaica's riddimbuilders extraordinaire, the omnipresent Christopher 'Longman' Birch. Giving Sizzla, after quite a while without real chart success in JA, a big Top 10 chartclimber with the ultra-slick "Haffi Get It (Nah Rape)", Elephant Man speaks out against artificial gangsters wearing lipstick, pink and a navel-ring in his "Real Gangsters" before Supahype (also reaping accolades for the 'Smash'-riddim he produced on which Tony Matterhorn's "Dutty Wine" currently tops the Jamaican charts) delivers the outrageous very funny answer version to Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story" with the superb "Uptown Story" and Busy Signal delivers the great "My Highness". Vybz Kartel's "Nah Switch" is once more proof of his fine delivery of very slack lyrics and Lady Saw is fully dedicated to delivering slackness very convincingly as well in her strong "Champion". Cobra rides the same theme in his "Sitten Tight" before Bounty Killer switches to gun lyrics in true warlord fashion for his "Far We Come From" and of course one of THE newcomers of last and this year, Movado, sticks to gangster-lyrics for his "We Don't Play", followed by Vybz Kartel's second tune on the riddim, featuring newcomer Supahype, the strong "Who ? (was the kingman)". Craig 'Leftside' Parkes, great riddimbuilder and one half of the successful producer and artist duo Leftside & Esco, once more employs his Dr. Evil impersonation for his entertaining dis of fake bad boy DJs "We A Gangsta". Bling Dawg is "Unpredictable" as a dice in his own words, but definitely tough here, Kid Kurrupt is contributing the fine ganja tune "Weed Mi Smoke" before Ward 21, though much less prolific and high profile, show they still can contribute one of the toughest tunes on a riddim with "We Nah Play". Ice Cold aims to revive his short 2004 success with "Gimme The Girls" and Macka Diamond delivers the absolutely brilliant answer version to Sizzla's "Haffi Get It (Nah Rape)" with her haffi get di cocky but wi "Nah Taste" bigging up all a di gal dem weh know dem nah bow, in the process telling may of the famous Jamaican DJs why she doesn't want them. Zumjay deejays his Baby Cham answer tune "Badman Story" bigging up real big Jamaican gangsters like (for everyone with even a faint interest in the life of Bob Marley well known) Claudie Massop, the Shower Posse's Jim Brown, Zion Train and many more, strange but a fine tune. Monster Twins are "Calling All Girls" followed by Jah Malo in combination with Munga, who will undoubtedly with the firm support Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett is giving him break big soon, calling all girls to move their waistline in a party started by "Turn Up The Bassline". Jagwa is in fine form on "Woooo!!!" and so is Tornado, picking up where he seems to have left two years ago, with "Informer". Tonto Marijuanna incorporates snatches of the melody and lyrics of Boney M's "Brown Girl In The Ring"(!) in the last vocal contribution over this riddim "Oh Yeah" before the clean version of the "Inspector Rhythm" closes this album with strong tunes on a great remake of Dave Kelly's 2000 'The Bounce'-riddim by DJ Karim alongside Christopher 'Longman' Birch that will definitely satisfy all hardcore dancehall fans.