Islababad Riddim (Side A)
Digital Release
March 26, 2014

Track list
  1. Raging Fyah - World A People
  2. Vysionaer - Make It Through
  3. Chronixx - Iyah Walk
  4. Thunder - Meadow
  5. Chevaughn - Lucky Token
  6. Jamelody - Fit
  7. Islababad Version (Sax)
  8. Islababad Version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
When it comes to releases that carry the Digital-B logo, reggae fans world wide know they are going to get quality every time. Since 1988, the year Bobby "Digital" Dixon left Jammy's, opened his own Digital B studio and launched his record label of the same name, the reggae world has been treated to numerous carefully crafted riddims voiced by countless big Jamaican artists as well as up-and-coming talents.

And now there's a brand new release on the Digital-B imprint, the "Islababad Riddim", which is produced by Craig "Giark" Dixon, Bobby Digital's own son and foremost protégé, brimming with the same talent and a multitude of experience gathered from growing up around the elders in the music. With the "Islababad Riddim", the young budding producer delivers a noteworthy juggling set that fits well in the current Roots Reggae Revival, a cultural movement of rising consciousness originating in Jamaica.

It's Raging Fyah, a young reggae band ignited in 2006 by Anthony Watson (drummer), Demar Gayle (keyboardist) and Delroy Hamilton (bassist), later joined by Courtland White (guitarist) and Kumar Bent (lead singer), that gets things started with the solid "World A People". Raging Fyah has recorded more tunes with Craig "Giark" Dixon, amongst them those featured on their new "Boarding Pass EP", which -- along with "World A People" -- features "Sunshine" and "Cold World". Probably one of Jamaica's most buzzed about reggae artists, 21 year old Chronixx, is present here with "Iyah Walk". With the latter Chronixx delivers a tune that makes a serious impression. This one, and Chevaughn's matching "Lucky Token" and also Jamelody's truly excellent "Fit", are the main pillars of this collection. Furthermore this set contains nice contibutions from two rather unknown Jamaican artists, the promising singer Vysionaer and dub poet Thunder.

The "Islababad Riddim", with its haunting guitar sound, is an awesome backdrop with quite a few strong vocal cuts, which makes this collection worth hearing.