JA2UK Singers Vol 3
Cousins Records / Black Arrow
February 20, 2006

Track list
  1. Completely Yours - Turbulence
  2. Memories By The Score - Voicemail
  3. Leave The Collie Alone - Tony Curtis
  4. Didn't I - Delroy Pinnock
  5. Life Be Right - Luciano
  6. Black - Sizzla
  7. Holy Mount Zion - Kofi
  8. Sweet Sensimenia - Mykal Rose
  9. Amazing Love - Peter Hunningale
  10. Thankful To You - Singing Melody
  11. What Is Words - Turbulence
  12. A Place Far Away - Luciano
  13. Sweet Like Honey (Remix) - Leroy Mafia & Sylvia Tella
  14. Love So - Ambelique
  15. Show Love - George Nooks
  16. Run The Coast - Jah Mason
  17. Time Is Getting Dread - Nerious Joseph
  18. Take Me To The Place - Rod Taylor
  19. Every Little Bit Of My Heart - Richie Davis
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
In the flood of releases from Donville Davis' Cou$ins Records appearing in the last two months "JA 2 UK Singers Vol. 3" is another prime compilation. Opening this album are two Danny Champagne productions, Turbulence's great sung instead of singjayed "Completely Yours" and a take on the original tune over the riddim by Voicemail, covering the Paragons' 1968 at Treasure Isle for Duke Reid recorded "Memories By The Score". Then one of the most impressive riddims produced by Cou$ins' Donville Davis himself lately - i.e. the riddim that was backing Mykal Rose's magnificent "Want More Weed" on the recent Cou$ins compilation "Stricty One Drop Vol. 1" gets voiced by Tony Curtis for another great ganja tune "Leave The Collie Alone" and Delroy Pinnock's complaint about the woman leaving him "Didn't I". Then it's a bit of the unpleasant type of repackaging that reggae is often suffering from, with the Edward 'Carat' Murray produced version of Alton Ellis' 1967 Treasure Isle scorcher 'Rock Steady' - of which the original riddim last year backed the charttopping "Walk Away From Love" by Bitty McLean - in a Mafia & Fluxy remix. Luciano's more than decent "Let Your Life Be Right" and an excellent "Suffering" by Sizzla were both, like George Nooks' "More Love" and Jah Mason's "Run The Place" all included on last year's "Rhythm 2 Rhythm Vol.3 ~ Beatitude & Rocksteady" and totally unnecessary retitled for re-inclusion on this release as "Life Be Right", "Black", "Show Love" and "Run The Coast". Kofi might sound a bit hoarser but is still a great singer as her "Holy Mount Zion" shows, Mykal Rose delivers another fine ganja tune over the same riddim, "Sweet Sensimenia" as a follow up to the earlier mentioned "Want More Weed" and then two great singers use a fine horn embellished riddim for their lovers tunes, Peter Hunningale for "Amazing Love" and Singing Melody for "Thankful To You". Turbulence and Luciano share a riddim as well, both delivering strong tunes, the love gone wrong tune "What Is Words" and the tune about Zion "A Place Far Away" respectively. Leroy Mafia & Sylvia Tella are included with their 10 year old UK Reggae Chart busting "Sweet Like Honey (Remix)" and Ambelique's a "Love So" beautiful uses the same riddim to full effect. Nerious Joseph is the next sweet singer to use the riddim that also backed Peter Hunningale and Singing Melody for his great "Time Is Getting Dread" that is also used for Richie Davis fine "Every Little Bit Of My Heart" while Rod Taylor delivers another gem over the 'Sweet Like Honey'-riddim in between and so another very entertaining (bar the rehashing of 4 tunes) compilation ends. Very UK, but very nice!