Jah Snowcone Presents ~ Reggae Dancehall Nature
Phase One
September 2, 2008

Bridgez - Reggae Dancehall Nature Track list
  1. She's Horny - Beenie Man feat. Ms. Thing
  2. Real Talk - Junior Reid
  3. You're My Baby - Hollowpoint feat. Kat DeLuna
  4. Da Ting Deh - Mr. Vegas
  5. In And Out - Lady Saw
  6. Jah Jah Is My Light - Nadine Sutherland
  7. Bruk Out - Kevin Lyttle
  8. Call Me - Spade
  9. Glory - Spragga Benz
  10. So Fine - Bridgez feat. 'Snowcone'
  11. Sexy - Red Square
  12. Punanee - Q Sean
  13. I Like Him - Sexy Posh
  14. Secret Love - Wayne Wonder
  15. Eleven A Dem - Bounty Killer
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Rohan 'Snow Cone' Fuller a.k.a. Jah Snowcone knew from early in his youth that he wanted a career in music. In the Crescent Road, Kingston 13 community of Jamaica, where he was born and raised, he was exposed to an eclectic mix of music. But the dancehall, with its pulsating raw energy, was what drew him. Beginning his career as a warm-up act on Lees Unlimited, the young deejay moved to New York with his family at the age of fifteen. The success of rap was paving the way for dancehall, and Jamaican culture was beginning to be hip. Snow Cone became an MC/Selector for popular NY sound GT High Power, where he met legendary producers Jack Scorpio and Salaam Remi. Remi, taking a liking to the determined youth, hired Snow Cone to be Mega Banton’s and Ricky General’s Road Manager. Snow Cone also began spending time in the studio, learning from Salaam and getting more involved with the production side of the business. The renowned artists who frequented the studio started encouraging Snow Cone to try his luck in Jamaica. Snow Cone, wanting to contribute more to the music, especially as a writer, decided to yield the call.

Armed with the knowledge of the years in Salaam’s studio, he returned to Jamaica, excited about the possibilities of starting his own production. Snow Cone first scored in 2001 with the hit rhythm "Riddim Driven ~ Rice & Peas" and its twin "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #18 ~ Bun Bun (aka Rice & Peas Pt. 2", writing and producing several tracks. The next few years saw Snow Cone continue to build his impressive resume and reputation, writing/producing for such artists as Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Elephant Man, Wyclef Jean and Wayne Wonder and producing riddims like 'The Beach', 'Pen & Paper', 'Pretty Girl', 'Glory', 'Earth Wind & Flames' and the monstrous 'Applause'. On this compilation for Brooklyn, NYC based Phase One Communications Jah Snowcone, not exactly Jamaica's most profilic dancehall producer, gathers the strong riddims he released that didn't make it to a Greensleeves Rhythm Album or into VP Records' Riddim Driven series. But it's all of the same extraordinary quality that we've come to expect from Jah Snow Cone Entertainment.

The album opens with a couple of very recent tunes and riddims, the excellent extremely catchy (and slack) Beenie Man & Ms. Thing combination "She's Horny" across Jah Snowcone's wonderful (and) 'Cheerful'-riddim followed by the even stronger "Real Talk" - that kicks off with a Mikey Dread riddim a full a culture yah sample - by Junior Reid over last year's truly impressive hip hop tinged 'Sober Crunk'-riddim. The tune with the biggest crossover potential features Hollow Point alongside Bronx, NYC born and Dominican raised Kat DeLuna for the irresistable "You're My Baby", before Mr. Vegas delivers with "Da Ting Deh" the second scorcher over the 'Cheerful'-riddim and a 'third party production' pops up with Lady Saw's very strong "In And Out" over Courtney McIntosh' 2006 'World Cup'-riddim. Nadine Sutherland excels over Rohan Fuller a.k.a. Jah Snowcone's one drop riddim 'Holding' with the beautiful "Jah Jah Is My Light", before it's back to hardcore dancehall with St. Vincent popso singer Kevin Lyttle delivering the wild "Bruk Out" over the only riddim on this album released as a one riddim album, 2004's monstrous 'Applause'.

One of Rohan Fuller's current protégés, the great R&B-influenced Natural Born Builders' singer Spade impresses with the strong "Call Me" and then long time friend and inspirator Spragga Benz delivers the fierce tune that gave Jah Snowcone's 2003 "Glory" riddim its name, before Snow Cone himself also is featured is vocalist in the strong combination with his protégé Bridgett 'Bridgez' Roache, the very melodic female singer-songwriter of whom we'll sure hear more in the near future. Spragga Benz' crew, Red Square do a very fine attempy to rival T.O.K. with the infectious "Sexy" across the great 'Magnificent'-riddim and then Bronx-based Q Sean delivers the outrageous "Punanee" followed by Sexy Posh with "I Like Him". Then an artist who also often excels on Snow Cone productions is featured over one of Rohan Fuller's earlier riddims, 2002's 'Pretty Girl'-riddim as Wayne Wonder sings the wonderful smooth "Secret Love" before the album is brought to a close with Bounty Killer delivering his smashing "Eleven A Dem" across the 'Glory'-riddim. This is an excellent album giving all non-vinyl buying dancehall enthusiasts a chance to add some superb Rohan 'Snow Cone' Fuller produced riddims and tunes to their collection that unfortunately hadn't been released on CD before. A must buy if you don't own the 7"s.