Jah Works Vol. 1
3rd Flo Studios
June 29, 2013

Track list
  1. Japa - I'm Coming Home
  2. Washinti - Mount Zion
  3. Ikahba - Graba-Licious
  4. Rootsie - Here She Come's Again
  5. Feel Free - Can't Stop Jah Works
  6. Washinti - Jah Give I
  7. Japa - Marcus Garvey
  8. Xkaliba - Study 'R'
  9. Ikahba - Ah Simple Noting
  10. 3rd Flo Studios - Jungle Style Dub
  11. 3rd Flo Studios - New Works Dub
  12. 3rd Flo Studios - Jungle Style Dub (Stepper)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
True followers of Roots Reggae Musik are familiar with the lush Rootical sounds of Virgin Island artists like Midnite, Army, Bambu Station, Niyorah. Thankfully 3rd FLO Studio has released a "twin-riddim" set that features lesser known but equally talented artists.

The first half of this exciting set features the "New Works" riddim - a bass heavy thumper with wicked guitar licks and rimshots galore. The arrangements and mixing is ably handled throughout by Felix Lima, Jr. Japa's I'm Coming Home is a heartical treat! His delivery is pure Dread with Prince Far I components and seasoned lyrics. Washinti's Mount Zion is truly unique. This singer's delivery floats like a mist and envelops over you in stirring fashion. Never heard of him, but hope to again in the future! Ikahba (with a number of crucial albums under his belt) hits hard with Graba-licious. He has many styles but here there are nuances of Wayne Smith or Patrick Andy. Really urgent and itally fresh. Awesome! Rootsie's Here She Comes Again is a free flowing lyrical waterfall - a great story of mismatched Love that's really compelling. Feel Fre's Can't Stop Jah Works has a homegrown feel to it. Similar to underground Roots artist Ras Lett (great artist!!!), this is a joyful ode to The Most High.

The "Jungle Style" riddim is the platform for the latter part of this set. A lilting riddim that's strictly bubblin' and doesn't grow old. Washinti comes back again with Jah Give I. Inna pure chanting style, it's similar to Niyorah's best work!! Japa tears it up on Marcus Garvey. He has a wailing and weary style that places the listener right there. Study "R" by Xkaliba is lyrics heavy fe sure - "It's not just a letter, it's who we are-Rastafari". A deep chanter with no apology. Ikahba closes out the lyrical portion with Ah Simple Nothing. This meditation really shines; it boasts a Midnite approach but with a rougher edge that is nitty and gritty. Monster tune. We are treated to Jungle Style Dub; a broad workout that really shows the mastery of Felix (big up). Not watered down, just right to the point. New Works Dub is pure ites. There's a great focus on the guitar licks and bubbling keyboard. Jungle Style Dub is given the Steppers treatment and it totally works. The added keys and drum gives any Steppers sound a run for the crown.

"Jah Works Vol.1" is a necessary and vital picture of the accomplishments of Virgin Islands artists. There's an atmosphere of pride and humbleness here that abounds from start to finish. Every artist has something unique and special to offer and there's no bagging and boasting. It's a true Rasta affair that needs to be heard. Ya hear; find this new release and you'll enter The Roots Kingdom. Go deh.