Buju Banton Presents ~ Jamrock Classics Vol. 1
Gargamel Music / Pinnacle Distribution
June 3, 2008

Terror Fabulous - Buju Banton Presents: Jamrock Classics, Vol. 1 Track list
  1. Cowboys - Buju Banton
  2. Police & Thieves - George Nooks
  3. Punk Me Out - Pinchers
  4. End Of The Day - Yami Bolo
  5. Lonely Night - Ghost
  6. January Morning - Jah Cure
  7. Goodbye To Love - Tony Curtis
  8. Means To Survive - Lutan Fyah
  9. Curfew - Buju Banton feat. New Kidz
  10. Ready Rock - Terror Fabulous
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Total votes : 18
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Gargamel Music founder and owner Buju Banton opens this album himself with the very fierce "Cowboys" across a strong relick of the 'Three Blind Mice'-riddim, followed by a truly inspired take on Junior Murvin's "Police & Thieves" not on (a relick of) its original riddim, but on 'Full Up' by George Nooks, that is absolutely brilliant and Pinchers' wicked "Punk Me Out" over the classic 'Stalag'-riddim. The unfortunately heavily underrecorded Yami Bolo truly excels with "End Of The Day" across the 'Mystic Moments'-riddim, based on Leroy Gibbons' "Magic Moment".

And of course Ghost's voice is something you either love or hate, but his "Lonely Night" is a truly strong tune, though I'd be surprised if anyone would identify him upon hearing as a male singer. Jah Cure then delivers one of the best tunes he recorded this year so far with "January Morning", before Tony Curtis excels as well with his "Goodbye To Love". Lutan Fyah also truly shines with "Means To Survive" before Buju Banton teams up with his protégé New Kidz for his second and even better tune across the 'Three Blind Mice'-riddim "Curfew". The last tune is "Ready Rock", a mighty take on the 'Stalag'-riddim by Terror Fabulous, leaving you wondering why he doesn't get recorded more often these days. This is a must have album with smashing tunes across classic riddims.