Various artists album review
Joe Gibbs Productions
Soul Jazz Records-Munich
September 12 - 2003


  1. Nigger Kojack and Liza - Fist To Fist Rub A Dub
  2. Culture - See Them Come
  3. Trinity - Kingston Two Rock
  4. Junior Murvin - Cool Out Son
  5. Joe Gibbs And The Professionals - Chapter 3
  6. Joe Tex And U Black - Standardization
  7. Mighty Diamonds - Identity
  8. Joe Gibbs And The Professionals - Massive Fire
  9. Althea - Down Town Thing
  10. Culture - Two Sevens Clash
  11. Trinity - Three Piece Suite
  12. Joe Tex And U Black - Rub A Dub Evening
  13. Mighty Two - Hully Gully Rock
  14. Shorty The President - No Peace
  15. Dennis Brown - I'm Coming Home
  16. Trinity - Starsky And Hutch
  17. Joe Gibbs And The Professionals - Stonewall Jackson
  18. Snuffi And Walli - Dreader Mafia
  19. Bigger T - Million Dollar Plan
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 5

The compilation set "Joe Gibbs Productions" is Soul Jazz Records' fitting tribute to the man called Joe Gibbs aka Joel Gibson. Covering Roots, Dub, DJs, Lovers and Dancehall, their latest release is dedicated to the classic productions of Joe Gibbs. The album is a mixture of classic tracks alongside rare material most of which has never been available outside of Jamaica - all released together for the first time. The excellent album - dressed in a bright sleeve, strongly reminiscent of those in fashion during the seventies - has been compiled by the crew of Soul Jazz Records, based in North London. Joe Gibbs' house band of musicians known as The Professionals were usually led by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and featured the cream of Kingston's finest session musicians. Their re-interpretation of classic Studio One riddims in the mid-70s for Joe Gibbs (as well as Channel One) would become the basis for the arrival of Dancehall at the end of the decade.
Deejay tracks like Nigger Kojak & Liza's Fist To Fist Rub A Dub shoulder to shoulder with Culture's rootical classic tunes See Them A Come and Two Sevens Clash and The Mighty Diamonds' gem Identity. Trinity rides the "Rockfort" riddim on Kingston Two Rock while Junior Murvin's unmistakable falsetto voice brings Cool Out Son across the "Real Rock" riddim. The duo of Joe Tex and U Black deliver a nice imitation of Michigan and Smiley with Rub A Dub Evening across the same riddim. Marcia Aitken is known for her hit tune "I'm Still In Love", a recut of the Alton Ellis Studio One hit. Here deejay Trinity delivers one of his most enduring efforts as he performs the deejay version -Three Piece Suit- of the song. Hully Gully Rock became an instant favorite of us featuring the immortal "Heavenless" riddim embedded in a ferocious dub outing by Errol Thompson. I'm Coming Home sees the late great Dennis Brown inna mellow mood.
The album also comes with sleevenotes and classic photos from the likes of Dennis Morris and Adrian Boot.
Great Joe Gibbs compilation set !

Teacher & Mr. T.