Joe The Boss ~ The Productions Of Joe Mansano
2 CD
January 9, 2007

Track list
Disc 1

  1. Rico & The Rhythm Aces - The Bullet
  2. Rico & The Rhythm Aces - Rhythm In
  3. Tito Simon - Read The News
  4. Rico & The Rhythm Aces - Return Of The Bullet
  5. Joe Mansano - Life On Reggae Planet
  6. Rico & The Rhythm Aces - Z.Z. Beat
  7. Patti La Donne - Friends And Lovers
  8. Rico & Joe's All Stars - Hot Line
  9. Joe The Boss & Rico - The Accused (The King Of Sounds)
  10. Rico & Joe's All Stars - Lash Them
  11. Rico & Joe's All Stars - Hey Jude
  12. Pama Dice & Joe's All Stars - Musical Feet
  13. Pama Dice & Joe's All Stars - Battle Cry Of Biafra
  14. Rico's & Joe's All Stars - Funky Reggae, Part 1
  15. Joe's All Stars - Funky Reggae, Part 2
  16. King Horror - Dracula, Prince Of Darkness
  17. Rico's & Joe's All Stars - Honky
  18. Dice The Boss & Joe's All Stars - The Judge
  19. Girlie & Junior - African Meeting
  20. Josh & Joe's All Stars - Higher And Higher
  21. Dice The Boss & Joe's All Stars - Brixton Cat
  22. Dice The Boss & Joe's All Stars - Gun The Man Down
  23. Joe The Boss & Joe's All Stars - The Thief
  24. Dice The Boss & Joe's All Stars - But Officer
  25. Joe's All Stars - Reggae On The Shore
  26. Joe's All Stars - Sugar Serenade
  27. Rico & Joe's All Stars - Snake Poison
  28. Rico & Joe's All Stars - Rico's Torpedo
Disc 2

  1. Dice The Boss - Your Boss D.J.
  2. Rico's & Joe's All Stars - The Proud One
  3. The Critics & Nyah Shuffle - Behold
  4. Sexy Frankie & Nyah Shuffle - Tea, Patty, Sex And Ganja
  5. Paula Dean & Nyah Shuffle - Since I Met You Baby
  6. Joe's All Stars - Since I Met You Baby
  7. Paula Dean & Nyah Shuffle - Jughead
  8. Joe The Boss - Teahouse From Emperor Rosko
  9. Ray Martell - She Caught The Train
  10. Joe's All Stars - Tony B's Theme
  11. Joe The Boss & Joe's All Stars - Skinhead Revolt
  12. Lloyd, Pama Dice & Girlie - Trial Of Pama Dice
  13. Joe The Boss - Son Of Alcapone
  14. Joe The Boss - All My Enemies Beware
  15. Girlie - Small Change
  16. Girlie - Mind Your Business
  17. Pamela Brown - People Are Running
  18. The Critics - Schooldays
  19. Delroy Williams - Don't Play That Song
  20. Lloyd, Girlie & Joe - Appeal Of Pama Dice
  21. Dice The Boss - The Informer
  22. Dice The Boss - Cool It
  23. The Opening - Tea House
  24. Pama Dice - Brixton Fight
  25. The Cimaron Kid - Bad Day At Black Rock
  26. The Cimarons - Fragile
  27. Clive Williams & The Heat Wave - Take Good Care Of My Baby
  28. Dice, Rico & The Heat Wave - In Loving Memory (Of Don Drummond)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Any self-respecting fan of early British Reggae sounds who hasn't managed to collect every Joe Mansano-produced recording of note because many of these recordings were unavailable since their original issue or simply because he couldn't afford it due to the fact that it's value currently runs into thousands of British pounds, will be more than delighted with the release of this 2-CD set from Trojan Records. This compilation set gathers 56 singles from the "Joe" label including some of the most celebrated tracks from the golden age of Skinhead Reggae, highlighting why Joe Mansano's work is so sought after by collectors.

In May 1965 Dyke & Dryden opened its doors at 43 West Green Road in North London (with Trinidad born Joel Mansano behind the counter) selling cosmetics and as a sideline records to the growing West Indian population. From there Masano got more and more involved in the record business. The first single he produced was "Life On Reggae Planet", which appeared on the 'Blue Cat' label in 1968. It was followed by "The Bullet", released the following year again on 'Blue Cat'. This solid instrumental was credited to London based Jamaican trombone player Rico Rodriguez, and sold by the cartload. Its success helped finance other recording sessions.

Trojan took note of Mansano's obvious magic touch and inaugurated the 'Joe' label in May 1969. "Friends & Lovers" by Patti La Donne backed with "Hot Line" from the ambiguous Joe's All Stars was the debut. It wasn't a particularly strong seller, unlike the next Mansano offering on the label, "Hey Jude" b/w "Musical Feet", again from Joe's All Stars.

Joe's main session band was the Rudies, and occasionally the Cimarons, with additions like Rico Rodriguez. DJ chores were normally by the chirpy Dice The Boss aka Pama Dice, or on one occasion Baba Dice. Born Hopeton Reid, the former started life working as a live DJ for Prince Buster in Jamaica before relocating to London and persuading Joe to give him a try on the microphone. The main studios used were Chalk Farm run by Vic Keary and Graeme Goodall's studio. Goodall's preferred session group were Symarip / the Pyramids, headed by Monty Neysmith, whilst Chalk Farm was home to the Rudies and the Cimarons.

It was the rude "Brixton Cat" that became Mansano's most successful single release and led to the release of an album of the same name that appeared late in 1969 on Trojan Records. After some interesting releases on Joe's own imprint, May 1970 saw the very popular "Skinhead Revolt", which aimed at a new market... the white skinheads. But it wasn't all skinhead sounds Joe recorded at that time. He also produced melodic tracks such as "Since I Met You Baby" from Paula Dean, meant for the more mature audience.

As the 1970's moved on and the roots sound came in, Joe Mansano, who never liked the "roots" or "Rasta stuff", continued to issue music for the mature audience along with running his own record shop until 1976, when he relocated back to his homeland and took over as manager of Sports & Games and installed a reggae record department, and thus became the first supplier on the island. The reggae department was an instant success and brought the sound of Jamaica to Trinidad in a big way.

Now thankfully, everyone can enjoy Joe Mansano's legacy at a fraction of the price of all these singles together and... in digital form.