Greensleeves Rhythm Album #67 ~ Jonkanoo
CD / 2LP
April 5, 2005

Track list
  1. Wacky Dip - Voicemail feat. Ding Dong
  2. Frame I & I - Beenieman
  3. Do What You Feel Like - Voicemail
  4. Eye Deh A Wi Knee - Sean Paul
  5. I Neva - Vybz Kartel
  6. Chakka Dance - Beenie Man
  7. Aerobics Class - Bling Dawg
  8. Sen On & Heng On - Bounty Killer
  9. Wine Pon It - Frisco Kid
  10. Party On - Jovi
  11. Too Fucky Fucky - Vybz Kartel
  12. What She Know - Kim Martina
  13. Gi-me Some - Looga Man
  14. Da Size Deh Nuh Ready Yet - Macka Diamond
  15. Legalise It - Roundhead
  16. In The Air - T.O.K.
  17. Who Dem A Talk - Ward 21
  18. Make Them Come - Wayne Marshall
  19. Junkanoo Rhyhtm - Donovan 'Don Corleon' 'Vendetta' Bennett & Nigel Staff
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Producer Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, really is reaching the stages of single-handedly providing the main contributions to Greensleeves Rhythm Album series. As I said before, fortunately, and that's his strength, there's no downside to that. All riddims he builds or produces seem to be as strong as their predecessors, and this with the assistance of his 'partner in crime' Nigel Staff built 'Junkanoo'-riddim is no exception. A big bashment riddim based on handclaps and throbbing keyboard stabs is the backing first for the hottest boygroup around right now in Jamaica: Voicemail, here alongside Ding Dong and their call to dance "Wacky Dip", followed by the allegedly in 10 minutes penned Beenie Man tune (Bag A Lie a.k.a. A Nuh Mi a.k.a.) "Frame I & I" written in the aftermath of dancer Bogle's death, and the accusations that Beenie Man was responsible or involved following that same week: Eh! Dem waan mi dem waan mi and try kill mi / (Neva work!) / Now this year dem a try frame mi, hear mi now!!! // Dem sell one bag a lie and a sell dem somfy / Waan come frame I-AN-I but mi know dats a lie / But I trust di most high di limit is di sky / And I will never, ever, stop from try, words that have now for more than 2 months ruled Jamaica's airwaves. Voicemail have another great (invitation to) dance tune on this riddim with "Do What You Feel Like", followed by Sean Paul proving he still is able to deliver one of the top tunes on a current hardcore dancehall riddim in the fine semi-slack girls and boasting tune "Eye Deh A Wi Knee". Vybz Kartel uses the hook of the classic 1963 Studio One Maytals song "Never Grow Old" for his (he never seems to get tired of the subject) homophobic and 'eating unda da table'phobic "I Neva". Beenie Man gets on a lighter note as well on this 'Junkanoo'-riddim, with yet another tune about the 'Chaka Chaka' craze, his third on the subject called "Chakka Dance" a.k.a. "Remix The Chakka". Vybz Kartel also has a second tune on the riddim, the very derogatory but phenomenal diss "Too Fucky Too Fucky". Bling Dawg contributes the entertaining "Aerobic Class" of course all about (s)exercise and Wayne Marshall doesn't really change the subject for "Make Them Come" nor does Frisco Kid for "Wine Up Pon It". Macka Diamond warns a man that he doesn't bring 'enough' with him for her in "Da Size Deh Nuh Ready Yet" da size deh nu make mi wet as much on top of the riddim as she's ever been. Bounty Killer is very slack as well in the very fine "Sen On & Heng On" which is affectionately(!) named "Pum Pum Fat" in the dancehalls. "Who Dem A Talk" is a fine anti-haters Ward 21 tune, that is followed by new female singer Jovi begging to "Party On" with a sometimes Madonna resembling voice, T.O.K.'s fine yet unspectacular "Hey Ladies" and Looga Man falling in the same category with "Gimme Some". Kim Kartina's "What She Know" is a fine effort by this new female DJ trying to follow in Macka Diamond's footsteps and certainly having a chance to do so judging by this first tune. Roundhead delves into his favorite subject in the fine "Legalise It" before Donovan Bennett & Nigel Staff showcase the infectiousness of this 'get jiggy' "Jonkanoo Riddim".