Judgement Time
Special Delivery Music
October 16, 2006

Track list
  1. Dem Doom - Capleton
  2. Can't Frame I - Fantan Mojah
  3. Burnin Love - Lukie D & Jah Mason
  4. Judgement - Queen Omega
  5. Love Is What We Need - Perfect
  6. Crying For Freedom - Ras Shiloh
  7. Total Catastrophy - Mark Wonder
  8. Arise - Ryan
  9. Promises - Oba Simba
  10. Too Bold - Ill Inspecta
  11. Seigneurs De Guerre - Daddy Mory
  12. Zamalia - Blacko
  13. Le Systeme - Mickee 3000 & Caporal
  14. Resistance Solide - Keefaz
  15. Babylon Basta - Suga Moss & Chadness
  16. Judgement Time Riddim - Bost & Bim
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Bost & Bim (Matthieu Bost & Jérémie "Bim" Dessus) of Special Delivery Music, founded in 2001 by Jay Pee Greve & Pierre Bost, made their mark on the scene with their 'Clean Vibes' which was also released as a one riddim album last year, then July last year released the big Buju Banton & Queen Omega combination "Perfect Combination" over the Heptones' "We Are In The Mood" a.k.a. 'Rock With Me' and also did they release 7 very fine 7" singles (featuring 10 tunes and the version) on the excellent live played rootical backdrop 'Storm Alarm', which was then compiled with 11 more tunes over it on "Storm Alarm". In the meanwhile they released an excellent set of tunes on 7" over their remake of the Itals' "Inna Dis Ya Time", 'Dis Ya Time', that was relicked in the early 80s for Yellowman's "Operation Radication" and then that nice organ melody and saxophone enhanced expertly mixed version (by Barry O'Hare - regular mixing engineer for Burning Spear as well as producer and owner of the "X-Rated" and "World-A-Muzik" record labels -) was released as "Dis Ya Time ~ One Riddim Album" as well. The latest Bost & Bim production for Special Delivery Music is their 'Judgement Time'-riddim (the in the meanwhile released beautiful lovers-tinged 'Joyful'- riddim never made it to the one-riddim album stage unfortunately), a fresh sounding original riddim of which only Admiral T's 7" "Mizik" was not included on this CD. Present are Capleton's fiery "Dem Doom", added was Fantan Mojah's excellent "Can't Frame I" included as well are the 7"s by Lukie D & Jah Mason, the beautiful combination "Burnin Love", Queen Omega's powerful "Judgement" (also included on her "Destiny" album), "Love Is What We Need" by Perfect, Ras Shiloh's outstanding "Crying For Freedom" (I have always been a fan of Ras Shiloh, but lately it seems his output is getting stronger again with every tune released) and Mark Wonder's fine "Total Catastrophy". I do like Ryan's tune "Arise" as well, though his effort is a tad less impressive than his tunes over 'Storm Alarm' and 'Dis Ya Time' were, but I prefer Oba Simba's "Promises" over it, once more an impressive tune he contributes to a Special Delivery selection. The first tune that wasn't originally released as a 7" (Fantan Mojah's tune was 3 months after the first batch released on 7") is Ill Inspecta's fabulous "Too Bold", to be included on his already in Japan released debut album "Rudebwoy Anthems", soon to hit the streets in Europe as well. Daddy Mory represents France to the max with the great "Seigneurs De Guerre", newcomer - at least for me - Blacko impresses as well with "Zamalia", and so do Mickee 3000 & Caporal in their combination "Le Systeme", Keefaz with "Resistance Solide" and Suga Moss & Chadness with "Babylon Basta", all proving their is a new generation of French reggae artists that we will certainly hear much more from in the future. The final tune is the platform for Bost & Bim to show off their great musical and production capabilities in the wonderful clean version of the "Judgement Time Riddim". Once more 'chapeau' for Bost & Bim!