Various artists album review
August 31, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Badda Dan Dem - Vybz Kartel
  2. Killer For All Seasons - Bounty Killer
  3. Freaky Life - Elephant Man
  4. Lock What? - Capleton
  5. Can't Stop Me Now - Sizzla
  6. Bandi Legs - Beenie Man
  7. I Need A Girl - 14K
  8. Nah Tek No Dis - Harry Toddler
  9. All The Time - Tanto Metro & Devonte
  10. Tight Down Deh - Kiprich
  11. Do That Damn Thing - Galaxy P
  12. Pum Pum Finger - Macka Diamond
  13. Until - Ward 21
  14. Get Busy - Junior Kelly
  15. Black Cosa Nostra - Future Troubles
  16. Mi Mean That - Jagwa
  17. Bad Like We - Innocent Crew
  18. Take It Off - Determine
  19. Smoke The Best - Anthony B
  20. Hot Gal - Queen Paula
  21. Kasablanca Rhythm - Slam Crew
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5

Following Harvel 'Gadaffi' Hart's Annex Records' 'Summerbounce'-riddim on which Mixing Lab's Albert 'Burro' Blackwood was the engineer, 'Burro' now takes the production credits himself for the 'Kasablanca'-riddim, that marks Volume 59 of the very successful Greensleeves Rhythm Album series. With a riddim built together with one half of the Riddim Twins legendary drummer and riddim builder Sly Dunbar, and 'Computer' Paul Henton, who was responsible two years ago for building the great 'Bollywood'-riddim, and who was involved recently in building Michael 'Alozade' Sterling's 'Chrome'-riddim, he's gonna strike big-time in the dancehalls. The pulsating drumbeat and percussion that kick in after the symphonic orchestra intro, combined with the oriental-flavored keyboard and heavy bass result in a very infectious riddim. And again a real who's who in Jamaican dancehall is voicing, so it could hardly not be this enormous. >From Vybz Kartel's very fine "Badda Dan Dem" opener with its by now well known but well delivered badman-theme, big tunes keep flowing. Bounty Killer is up next, cross, angry, miserable, with his excellent "Killer For All Seasons" before Elephant Man shares his point of view on 'going down' with no girl can't make badman live no "Freaky Life" / ... / no girl can come sit down in this face of mine. The Fireman Capleton counters Mad Cobra's "Don't Watch Me (Lock Di Place)" on the 'Scoobay'-riddim with dem a talk about lock place ask dem where and what place in "Lock What?" before fellow bobo Sizzla once again fails to make an impression on a fast paced hardcore riddim, shouting himself through his angry "Can't Stop Me Now". Beenie Man has been successful lately with slack lyrics, and continues his string of recent X-rated tunes with "Bandi Legs" (which actually make for an O-rated tune) praising how much easier these make it to sit dung pon it. 14K has the first singers tune on this riddim, the well sung "I Need A Girl". Harry Toddler continues his comeback that started with his tunes on 'Worried' and 'Summerbounce' with his warning "Nah Tek No Dis" before Tanto Metro & Devonte show once again how a sweet singer with a ruff DJ combination tune should sound, with the very fine girl I think about you "All The Time". Kiprich is praising his girl as well, but goes more into detail, by telling her she's "Tight Down Deh". Galaxy P like Harry Toddler returned back to voicing current hot riddims recently with his very fine combination slack tune alongside Coco "How You Want It" on 'Summer Bounce', and this time convinces with the solo effort "Do That Damn Thing". Macka Diamond never seems to shy away from slack lyrics, starting to rival Lady Saw, and delivers the raw "Pum Pum Finger" challenging 'Breast Specialist' Vybz Kartel and 'Grindacologist' Beenie Man. Ward 21's tunes recently seemed to lack some of their earlier power in lyrics as well as in their delivery, but "Until" is a very entertaining very slack tune with sampled female sighing. Unfortunately Junior Kelly's "Style" on Frenchie's 'Blue Steel'-riddim was one of the weakest tunes on it, but here the popular singjay makes up for it, by showing he is very well capable of riding this style of non-roots-riddims, and even joining in thematically in his slack(!) "Get Busy". Future Troubles's badman tune "Black Cosa Nostra" is excellent, and Sly & Robbie protégés Innocent Crew show they can deliver better (in this case: badman) lyrics and do that more convincing than on their disappointing debut album two years ago. Determine tries to get (rasta-)girls to show their beliefs by urging them to take off the eyeliner / take off the make up / "Take It Off". Anthony B has already shown on riddims like 'Summerbounce' and 'Blue Steel' that he can ride these riddims as convincing as any roots-riddims given to him, and he contributes the fine ganja-tune "Smoke The Best". Queen Paula's "Hot Gal" is nice, but not as strong as many of the other tunes on this riddim, but that is quickly forgotten once the clean-version of the "Kasablanca"-riddim, the icing on the cake here, drops. Hypnotic, this brilliant riddim by the Slam Crew.