Various artists album review
Kickin'Production No. 1
VP Records - Walboomers Music
25 - 07 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Anthony B - Chant A Prayer
  2. Spanner Banner - Loving Pauper
  3. George Nooks - Give A Little
  4. Sanchez - Oh Honey
  5. Richie Stephens - Since I Fell For You
  6. Frankie Paul - Call Me
  7. George Nooks - This One's For You
  8. Skatta - Don't Want To Lose Your Love
  9. Tony Curtis - I'm coming home
  10. Skatta - Nice And Slow
  11. Yami Bolo - Disarm The World
  12. Ghost - Imortality
  13. Ambelique - Yesterday
  14. Mikey Spice - Body's Calling
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

This compilation - which features lovers songs as well as message tunes - collects mainly artists and tunes produced by Norman "Bulpus" Bryan for his own Kickin' Productions. Furthermore it includes the production work of Clive Hunt (tracks 4 & 13), Richie Stephens (track 5), Norman Bryan & George Nooks (track 6) and Barry O'Hare (track 14). "Kickin' Production No. 1" kicks off with three tunes across a revitalized version of Gregory Isaacs' "Loving pauper" riddim. Bobo dread Anthony B delivers a decent "cultural" cut followed by Spanner Banner's fine straight cover version of Gregory Isaacs' classic hit song and the well delivered message tune "Give A Little" performed by reggae vet George Nooks. The Clive Hunt produced "Oh Honey" by Sanchez is just one of those smooth lovers tunes that made this sweet-voiced singer so extremely popular. Richie Stephens takes over the proceedings and continues to bring the same lovers mood with the self-produced "Since I Fell For You". Frankie Paul's delivery is a rather mediocre one, but the quality of the tunes and performances increases quickly with George Nooks' second contribution and Tony Curtis' standout tune "I'm Coming Home", both across the same riddim. Skatta fails to make an impression, in contrast to Yami Bolo who delivers one of the standouts with "Disarm The World". Ghost utilizes the same riddim as the two artists before him, but it's his typical voice that makes his deliveries a "love or hate affair". Without doubt Ambelique is a great singer but for whatever reason he mostly turns up with the wrong tunes as in this case the superfluous cover of the Beatles song "Yesterday". Although a rather old tune - as it was recorded several years ago - Mikey Spice's R. Kelly cover "Body's Calling" is a fine addition to this truly nice and enjoyable compilation set.

Teacher & Mr. T.