Kiddus Vocal Winshu Vol. 01
Kiddus Music
February 5, 2006

Track list
  1. Jah No Go - Sugar Minott
  2. Keep The Faith - Earl Sixteen
  3. United - Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff & G Vibes
  4. Where Is The Love - Testifi
  5. Do The Right Thing - Braveheart
  6. Truths And Rights - Abisha feat. Diatasya
  7. Silly Alibi's - Triston Palmer
  8. Ram Dance Hall - Little John
  9. Now Is The Time - Sugar Minott & Abisha
  10. Rock On - Tony Tuff
  11. Can't This The Man - Testifi
  12. Love And Hate - Braveheart
  13. Cheer Up - Abisha
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Sugar Minott touring France in recent years has led to some noteworthy collaborations with French musicians and producers. (Think Sugar Minott's "Leave Out A Babylon" or African Brothers' "Mysterious Nature", both released on Zenah Music) In 2004 there was another project born out of the meeting of Sugar Minott and producer/singer David Levy aka Abisha, which resulted in the release of the compilation set, "Kiddus Vocal Winshu Vol. 01".

The line-up of artists who contribute to this compilation consists of well known Jamaican veterans and a few young French artists including the initiator of the project, Abisha. While listening to this album it's obvious that the experienced artists are the ones that make this collection of tunes worthwhile checking out, although artists like Testifi ("Where Is The Love" and "Can't This The Man") and Abisha ("Cheer Up") also show good potential.

Particular worth of hearing are Sugar Minott's moving album opener "Jah Nah Go", Earl Sixteen's spiritual tune "Keep The Faith", Tristan Palma's "Silly Alibi's" and the wicked "United" by the combination Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff & G Vibes. Other tracks that maintain the quality throughout are Little John's "Ram Dance Hall" and "Tony Tuff's "Rock On", both delivered over the same riddim track.

The riddim tracks -- all fresh originals, some of them incorporating wicked bass lines -- were laid down by real musicians and recorded at Zenah Music in Montreuil, France, while the tracks were voiced at Zenah Music and Incredible Music and G Vibes Studio in London. Furthermore this set benefits from the mixing done by French multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer Manjul at Zenah Music and his mobile studio "Humble Ark" in Mali, Africa.

"Kiddus Vocal Winshu Vol. 01" isn't exactly an album that instantly grabs you, but one that has to grow on you!