King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vols 1, 2, 3 and 4
VP Records-Walboomers Music
4 double CD's
February 10, 2007

Tonto Irie - King Jammy's Selector's Choice, Vol. 1 Track list
King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol 1
    Disc 1
  1. Wayne Smith - Ain't No Meaning
  2. Nitty Gritty - Draw Mi Mark
  3. Johnny Osbourne - People Are You Ready
  4. Tonto Irie - It A Ring
  5. Pad Anthony - In Deh
  6. Nitty Gritty - Hog In A Minty
  7. Dennis Brown - The Exit
  8. Johnny Osbourne - What A La La
  9. Wayne Smith - Come Along
  10. Nitty Gritty - False Alarm
  11. Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher
  12. Dean Fraser - Stalag Excursion
  13. Half Pint - Mr. Landlord
  14. Dennis Brown - It's Magic
  15. Cocoa Tea - Nah Look No Wuk
  16. Pinchers - Denise
  17. Leroy Smart - Let Off Supum
  18. Super Black - Bad Bwoy Gone A Jail
  19. Hugo Barrington - It's Over
  20. Admiral Tibet - Shame To See
    Disc 2
  1. Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly
  2. John Wayne - Call The Police
  3. Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng
  4. Johnny Osbourne - Buddy Bye
  5. Echo Minott - Original Fat Ting
  6. Nicodemus - Eagles Feather
  7. Pinchers - Agony
  8. Admiral Bailey - Big Belly Man
  9. Pompidoo - Synthesizer Voice
  10. Shabba Ranks - Must Love Reggae
  11. Risto Benji - Don't Pirate It
  12. Major Worries - Mi Nuh Response
  13. Peter Metro - Police Inna England
  14. Tonto Irie - Girlie Girlie
  15. Little John - Clarks Booty
  16. Junior Delgado - No Warrior
  17. Johnny Osbourne - Warrior
  18. Admiral Tibet - Advantage
  19. Dennis Brown - Material Girl
King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol 2
    Disc 1
  1. Super Black - Deh Wid You
  2. Johnny Osbourne - Rock It Tonight
  3. Pinchers - For Your Eyes Only
  4. Admiral Bailey - Horse Tonic
  5. Little Twitch - Spanish Fly
  6. Cocoa Tea - Crying Time
  7. Leroy Gibbons - Lovers Question
  8. Tullo T - None A Dat
  9. Cocoa Tea - Medley 5
  10. Pad Anthony - Ah Murder
  11. Cocoa Tea - Come Again
  12. Frankie Paul - Shame Them
  13. Chuck Turner - I Need You
  14. Johnny Osbourne - Right Track
  15. Anthony Malvo - Bad Minded People
  16. Little John - Block Traffic
  17. Pinchers - Champion Bubbler
  18. Josey Wales - Whole Heap A Corn
  19. Admiral Bailey - Politician
  20. Lt.Stitchie - Wear Yu Size
    Disc 2
  1. Cocoa Tea - Tune In
  2. Ninja Man - Nice Up The Lawn
  3. Sanchez - Here I Am
  4. King Kong - Let Jah Arise
  5. King Everald - Dancehall Business
  6. Jah Mikey - Footprints
  7. Josey Wales - The General
  8. Cocoa Tea - Young Lover
  9. Leroy Gibbons - Samfie Girl
  10. Chuck Turner - Run Around Girl
  11. Eccleton Jarrett - Turn On The Heat
  12. Frankie Paul - Sara
  13. Leroy Gibbons - Why Are You Goin Away
  14. Gregory Isaacs - Bits And Pieces
  15. Pinchers - Loving That You Want
  16. Dean Fraser - Cant Run Sax
  17. Echo Minott - What The Hell
  18. Lady Junie - Tell You What Police Can Do
  19. Johnny Osbourne - Fire Fire
  20. Major Worries - Twist A Rock
King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol 3
    Disc 1
  1. Leroy Gibbons - Magic Moment
  2. Admiral Bailey - Jump Up
  3. Tiger - Bam Bam
  4. Frankie Paul - Cassanova
  5. Little Twitch - Respect Due
  6. Colin Roach - Champion Sound
  7. Little John - Discuss Dem Man
  8. Sister Charmaine - Wake Up
  9. Lt.Stitchie - Great Ambition
  10. Frankie Paul - Head To Toe
  11. Admiral Bailey - Kill Dem Wid It
  12. Pinchers - I'm A Don
  13. Horace Andy - Must Haffi Get It
  14. Little Twitch - Devil Send You Come
  15. Admiral Tibet - Be Mine Tonight
  16. Al Campbell - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
  17. Echo Minott - Emmanuel Road
  18. Josey Wales - Nah Lef Ya
  19. Admiral Bailey - Top Celebrity Man
  20. Little John - Gimme No Bun
    Disc 2
  1. Shabba Ranks - Get Up Stand Up And Rock
  2. Trevor Ranks - Bye Bye Love
  3. Anthony Malvo & Daddy Lizard - Greatest Gal Lover
  4. Admiral Bailey - No Where No Better Than Yard
  5. Lecturer - DJ A Look Fi Mi
  6. Gregory Isaacs - Let's Give It A Try
  7. Courtney Melody - My Lady
  8. Home T - Dont Trow It All Away
  9. Dean Fraser - Dean In China Town
  10. Shabba Ranks - Fresh
  11. Leroy Gibbons - Four Season Lover
  12. Admiral Bailey - X-Rated Country
  13. Dominic - Boy George
  14. Red Dragon - Duck Dance
  15. Flourgon - Bounce
  16. Chaka Demus - Bad Bad Chaka
  17. Daddy Lizard - Dibbi Dibbi Gal
  18. Ninja Man - More Reality
  19. Steely & Clevie - Duck Riddim
  20. Don Angelo - Conquer Me
King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol 4
    Disc 1
  1. Cocoa Tea Home T & Shabba Ranks - Who She Love
  2. Tiger - Boombastic
  3. Brian & Tony Gold - Bull's Eye
  4. Leroy Gibbons - Missing You
  5. Hugo Barrington - Lodi Lodi
  6. Admiral Bailey - Chatty Chatty Mouth
  7. Dean Fraser - Champagne Sax
  8. John Holt - If I Were A Carpenter
  9. Frankie Paul - Kissing In The Moonlight
  10. Chuck Turner - Tears
  11. Pinchers - Genie
  12. Shabba Ranks - Live Blanket
  13. Admiral Bailey - Think Me Did Done
  14. Lt.Stitchie - Natty Dread
  15. Frankie Paul - I Know The Score
  16. Sanchez - End Of The World
  17. Thriller U - My Love
  18. Sanchez - Mr. Sea
  19. Chaka Demus - Ital Man
  20. Flourgon & Daddy Lizard - Jump & Shock Out
    Disc 2
  1. Shabba Ranks - Peenie Peenie
  2. Chaka Demus - Original Kuff
  3. Colin Roach - Johnny Too Bad
  4. Shabba Ranks - Love Punaany Bad
  5. Major Mackerel - Pretty Looks Done
  6. Josey Wales - Water Come A Mi Eye
  7. Robert Lee - Love Me Stylee
  8. Admiral Bailey - Mi Ah De Danger
  9. Shabba Ranks - Needle Eye Pum Pum
  10. Admiral Bailey - Punaany
  11. Admiral Bailey - Healthy Body
  12. Risto Benjie - Gimme Di Money
  13. Major Worries - Babylon Boops
  14. Pinchers - No Borrow No Gun
  15. Little John - Yes Mama
  16. Ninja Man - Border Clash
  17. Johnny P - Bike Back
  18. Josey Wales - Wrong Move
  19. Echo Minott - Been Around The World
  20. Dean Fraser - Punaany Sax
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Born in 1947 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Lloyd James moved to Kingston, where he began his career as an apprentice mixer, known as Prince Jammy, under the late great King Tubby. In 1977 he was enlisted to mix the dub counterpart to 'In the Light' by Horace Andy. In that same year he produced Black Uhuru's classic 'Love Crisis' and he also put out the dubs as the 'Lion Dub Style' lp. He owned his own studio at his in-laws' home in Waterhouse and started his own soundsystem. In 1985 he build the "Sleng Teng" riddim. When his Super Power sound system met the Black Scorpio set for a popular sound clash Jammy played that tune and turned the reggae world upside down, because this song was to alter the sound of reggae music : the digital era had begun. His productions lead in the integration of synthesizer driven (digital) sounds in dancehall reggae. His son John John emerged in the '90s as a highly successful producer. King Jammy continues to produce records, and recent years witnessed a number of reissues of Jammy's classic productions. The man's contribution to reggae music is impossible to overstate. Check out Beth Lesser's book 'King Jammy's' for more info about the man, his music and his influence on Jamaican music.

Thirty years after he started his career as a producer, VP Records presents the King Jammy Selector’s Choice collection on four double CD sets. The tunes presented here were produced during the producer's most prolific period, the second half of the eighties. These 159 tunes display the popular trends and issues of the day and all contain the vital element of the King Jammy’s sound. The mixture of love songs, hardcore dancehall killers and dance favourites across proven riddims results in a breathtaking listening experience and brings you in a retrospective mood. The four double CD sets are a 'who's who of reggae and dancehall'. Each double CD set comes with a track by track description written by famed reggae writer Rob Kenner and some nice vintage photos of Jammy and members of the Super Power sound crew.

As mentioned before the emphasis is on the digital sounds, with only two -- but excellent -- live sounds (courtesy of the High Times band), Half Pint's Mr. Landlord and Dennis Brown's It's Magic, both across the 'Hypocrites' riddim. Also on Vol. 1 are immortal riddims like 'Sleng Teng', 'Stalag' and 'Tempo'. 'Sleng Teng' was an original Jammy's riddim, built by the vocalist who started the digital revolution with it, Wayne Smith. 'Stalag' came out of Winston Riley's Techniques camp (as early as 1974!) while 'Tempo' emerged out of King Tubby's studio in 1985, sung by Anthony Red Rose.

Vol. 2 kicks off with no less than 10 versions of the 'Heavenless' riddim, originated at Studio One in the late 60's by the infamous Don Drummond. The riddim keeps rolling along like it's never going to stop! Sweet voiced Cocoa Tea licked the riddim twice, both in full effect. First he takes the Ray Charles classic Crying Time followed by a medley of 5 songs in which he perfectly chronicles the rise and fall of a romantic relationship. The next 10 tracks highlight the 'Cat Paw' riddim. Perhaps it's better known as the 'Politician' riddim, named after the Admiral Bailey hit tune. The 'Far East' riddim was a scorcher for Studio One and Channel One, but Jammy pushed it to the ultimate top with versions by Cocoa Tea, Jah Mikey and King Kong.

Moving over to Vol.3 we meet Leroy Gibbons inna fine mood as he relicks the 1960 Drifters' soul hit This Magic Moment which was written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. Tiger scored big with his Bam Bam version while Admiral Bailey also enjoyed chart success with his lick of the riddim. Disc Two of Vol. 3 brings two firm riddims. First there's the 'China Town' riddim, presented in 9 fine slices here. Shabba rides the crisp riddim without mistakes... deadly tune! The disc closes with the 'Duck Dance' riddim. A Steely & Clevie riddim, with so many slightly different versions, each mix of the tune reveals something else. Shabba takes the lead with Fresh while Daddy Lizzard and Ninjaman do brisk business with their tunes.

Admiral Bailey's Punaany is one of the biggest hits of the boisterous deejay's career. Steely and Clevie gave this mento flavored riddim enough melody to mesh with almost any vocal style. Major Worries and Little John delivered humorous versions of the riddim, while Echo Minott used Lisa Stanfield's international club hit for his interpretation. Frankie Paul recorded one of his best albums for Jammy: 'Original Sara'. From that album comes I Know The Score. The riddim is pure niceness, with two versions by Sanchez and Thriller U giving his best.

Nothing but essential!