Various artists album review
Latino / Boasy Gal
CD / 2LP
28 - 11 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - Crazy Looks
  2. Buju Banton - Be My Love Tonight
  3. Beenie Man - Ring Pon Finga
  4. Saba & Ce'Cile - Girls Fi Get Love
  5. Elephant Man & Beenie Man - Mama
  6. Lady Saw - No Need
  7. Red Rat - One More Girl
  8. Cutty Ranks - Looney
  9. Danny English & Egg Nog - Wah Dis God
  10. Heather Cummings - Hanky Panky
  11. Professor Nuts - Nuttin' Ah Gwaan Fada
  12. Saba - 2000 Beats
  13. Madd Anju - Digi Digi
  14. Elephant Man - Bruk Out
  15. Hawkeye - Gal U Hot
  16. Harry Toddler - Nah Nah Nah
  17. Danny English - Realise
  18. Gringo - From U Hot Gal
  19. Fargo Voice - Where Di Style Is
  20. Cutty Ranks - So What
  21. Maddish & Psycho - Bum Bah
  22. Red Rat - Tink Me Fraid
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

"Greensleeves Rhythm Album #6" is the very first split riddim album in the label's acclaimed series of hardcore dancehall riddim compilation sets. This set - which gathers pieces over the "Latino" and "Boasy Gal" - showcases the fine production talents of Steven Ventura for "M-Phatic Productions". Tracks 1 - 11 incorporate the infectious, more melodic "Latino" riddim, actually a reworking of the riddim for Jennifer Lopez chart topper "If You Had My Love". The remaining tracks are efforts for the brand new "Boasy Gal" riddim, presently one of the hottest and most anticipated riddims in Jamaica. The riddim caused such excitement on the dancefloors that it led to the introduction of the new "Boasy Gal" dance. There's even an island-wide competition to find the best "Boasy Gal" dancer. The winning formula of these compilation sets is well known by now... the usual suspects of today's Dancehall scene alongside the seemingly countless new talents about to bust, delivering their deadly goods over a hot riddim from a much promising or established producer or production team.
"Latino" features some excellent efforts, some of which were already available on limited 7" singles. Standouts - and thus predestined to get the "wheel and come again" treatment" - are Capleton's "Crazy Looks", Buju Banton's "Be My Love Tonight", Beenie Man's solo cut "Ring Pon Finga" and his killer combination tune with Elephant Man "Mama", Danny English & Egg Nog's "Wah Dis God" and Professor Nuts' "Nuttin' Ah Gwaan Fada". In contrary to "Latino" the "Boasy Gal" is a blistering, stripped-down riddim with a completely different flavour. It's the kinda riddim that fully suits the hardcore ragga fan's taste. Best efforts can be credited to Madd Anju, Elephant Man, the wicked combination Danny English & Egg Nog and Cutty Ranks.
Strongly recommended for those who want to keep up with today's hottest dancehall artists and sounds!

Teacher & Mr. T.