Various artists album review
Let's Ride
John Shop Records
January 12, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Tony Panic, Trooper & Future Troubles - Let's Ride
  2. Mega Banton - Badman A Badman
  3. Bounty Killer - A To The K
  4. Kiprich - Badman Nuh Talk
  5. Zumjay - For My Dawgs
  6. Mad Cobra - Crabbit
  7. Wayne Marshall - Distance Mi Self
  8. Hawkman - Run Di World
  9. Angel Doolas - Mama's Child
  10. Bling Dawg - Never Dis The Girls
  11. Baby Wayne - Town Gal, Country
  12. Danny English - Surprise
  13. Twice - Do It All For Them
  14. Future Troubles - If It Ain't Real
  15. Major Damage - Big Building
  16. Ice Man - Gunshot & Barrages
  17. Sizzla - Too Hot (Remix)
  18. Determine - Hungry Must Be Fed
  19. Capleton & David House - Hot & A Bun Them
  20. Buju Banton - Move & Gwen
  21. Delly Ranks - No Friend Them
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

A so-called "one riddim" or "version" album, consisting entirely of different cuts for the same riddim track, is a uniquely Jamaican phenomenon, and a very important part of a market that is largely singles-oriented. The very first "version" album was Rupie Edwards' "Yamaha Skank", released in 1974 and containing twelve cuts of Slim Smith's "My Conversation" hit riddim. The next such album was not to follow until the beginning of the 1980s when Mikey Dread released an 8-track set utilizing the riddim track from "Jumping Master". However, the concept became particularly popular in the late eighties when the music became computerized. Throughout the nineties the "one riddim" albums never disappeared although their popularity during certain periods decreased. In recent years the "riddim" sets have become extremely popular again with almost every record label setting up their own series. Now here's John Shop Records presenting "Vibes After Vibe : Let's Ride", a decent one riddim set unleashed by the Bronx-based label. On this enjoyable compilation cd we're treated to the usual suspects - as well as some unusual such as Twice, Ice Man and Hawkman - delivering their lyrics over a vibrant dancehall throb called "Let's Ride". Deejay domination as ever with a few singers like e.g. Angel Doolas and the much promising newcomer Twice to add a different flavour. Best tracks for this angry slice of hardcore dancehall are Bounty Killer's awesome "A To The K", "Badman Nuh Talk" by Kiprich, Wayne Marshall's "Distance Mi Self", "Do It All For Them" by Twice, Determine's "Hungry Must Be Fed", Buju Banton's "Move & Gwen" and "Hot & Bun Them" by Capleton & David House Crew. But also most of the other cuts are above par efforts. All tracks included here are produced by Teethimus and benefit from the mixing skills of Colin "Bulby" York of "Fat Eyes" fame.

Teacher & Mr. T.